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March 1-01

This word is submitted by Tammie Gelis (needgrace2@hotmail.com)


Cutting and Suturing

I keep hearing two words for the body of Christ for the year of 2001 which were Cutting and Suturing. Kept hearing the Lord say that it will be a year of cutting away. Cutting away all that is not of him. Cutting away of all that we have been holding onto for so long of things that does not belong to him or bring glory to him. A cutting away to make unto himself a pure bride and people seperate totally unto him. A year of cutting away all that have attached itself for so long to our lives that is not him. A year of cutting of even unholy ties. But he would say to us that as he does the cutting, as we allow him to do the cutting, he will sutur, he will sew back together the pieces even of our lives that have been so torn apart and seemingly scattered all over. It will be a year of much inner healing as I prepare my bride for myself, whole and pure. Allow my hand to do the cutting and the mending. Fear not my hand, allow me to do it.

The second part I was hearing about cutting and suturing was this, that there was another kind of cutting going to happen in this year. A cutting of the umbilical cord. A cutting away from those that many have had to lean on because now are leaning on the father. A cutting also away of the umbilical cord of the child that God has placed inside each one of you, that which he has birthed there. This would be a year of coming forth, of delivering of stepping forth in power and all that he has placed within you to be and as the births come forth they will reflect my power and my glory. I will suture them together. I will bind my body together so as to be being one in me ...one focus one purpose to see my glory and power manifest on this earth. It is coming ..the birthing is coming just wait for my time. I will deliver. I will bring forth my church, my power and my glory. Watch and trust my hands, my timing.