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The Reality of God's Healing Power

by Rusty Russell

Lesson 6
Healing Is For Today

I would like to demonstrate how God intends for what we have been reading about in the bible to be a part of our everyday life. God wants to make healing and health a reality in our everyday lives. God is a healing God (Matt 4:23-24, Matt 8:16, Matt 9:35, Matt 14:14, Mark 1:32-24). He wants to empower us to be well ourselves, through His grace and power. He also wants to empower us to pray for the sick and see them get well, just as He said in Matt 10:8, "heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give." (Also see Matt 10:1, Mark 3:14-15, Mark 6:12, Luke 9:2, Luke 10:9).

I want to share two healing testimonies with you from my own experience. I hope this will encourage you that God and and does heal today through everyday believers, if you will simply believe Scripture and take Him at His word.

Physical Healing Via Email

On Saturday the day before Easter Sunday (2002), two friends emailed me for prayer. Joyce and George are from California. They both were to sing Sunday in California in an Easter Cantata. One big problem, George was coughing constantly from a lingering flu bug and Joyce's voice was coarse and hoarse. Remembering the testimonies over the years I have shared with them, Joyce emailed me to request prayer for healing.

Here is my prayer and her return comments. Remember, Jesus remains the same today, as He was yesterday, and will be forever:

"Father, in the name of Jesus I ask that you reach out your hand and touch Joyce and George's bodies and bring your healing. I thank You that Your sacrifice on the cross is still active today and the pain You took when they beat Your back was a prophetic fulfillment of Isaiah 53:4, "He will bear our sicknesses, diseases, pains and grief's.." I thank You that as we believe in Your sacrifice, Your healing takes place. We accept the price You paid with Your body for our sins and sicknesses. In Jesus name I command healing in George, I rebuke that cough and command that it stop now, peace to his lungs and chest and throat. Jesus, I lift up Joyce and command that all soreness and hoarseness in her throat leave her immediately!"

Now worship Jesus. Say, "Jesus, your stripes are for my healing, I believe and I receive my healing. Your stripes did it for me! By Your blood and stripes I am recovering and healed."

Mark 11:21-24 says, "Have faith in God, whoever says to this mountain be removed and cast into the sea and doesn't doubt in his heart, shall have whatever he says." Of course we are not in the excavating business, but we do say to this sickness be removed. You have power in your words and Jesus is waiting for your words to line up to His will and purpose so that He can activate your healing completely.

The key is believing that what you say is true, believing in the bible, the Word of God. "Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Heb. 11:1. Your hope is, "I am healed by the stripes of Jesus." So say, "thank you Jesus, I am healed, and I will sing tomorrow in the Easter Cantata!"

On Monday, April 1, 2002, I got Joyce's reply:

Dear Rusty, Thank you for your wonderful prayer. I believed as I was writing the email to you and was healed. The cantata was powerful.

Many blessings to you and I thank you for reminding me that belief is always the KEY to The Lord's Way.

Love in Christ
Joyce and George

God can use you to minister healing to someone through an email or a telephone call. Don't limit God to only heal via face to face contact and the laying on of hands. He is all powerful and He can heal from a distance, just as he did with the Roman Centurion's servant (see Matt 8:5-13).

God Heals A Baby In A Hospital In Singapoure

I wanted to encourage you with this feedback report from Singapore. On Sunday, Oct 7, 2001, I ministered first in FGA in the morning, then City Mission Fellowship at 2:30 PM and then at 7:30 PM Changi Chapel in the evening. After that fruitful day I was called on by Shally Oon to go to the hospital and pray for her colleague's baby who had a deformity. Tina's baby, Sarah Lim, didn't have the nerve cells present in her colon for its proper use. So she was fitted with a colonospy bag after two holes were surgically made in her stomach by her doctor. The doctors' report was that she could possibly have an operation to fix this in two years or so.

I went to the hospital at 10:15 PM. I shared with Tina and her husband Ivan that God will set them free from all curses because of His sacrifice on the Cross. I prayed for Tina, who was suffering after giving birth and anointed her with oil. She immediately was freed from condemnation and fear that her baby's deformity was her fault. We went into pray for Sarah Lim in the nursery. Several wires were attached, for recording her vital signs. There was also a colon bag attached to her little body, and she laid under heat lamps.

I gently anointed her with oil and prayed to Jesus, Who created everything and Whose name is above every other name. I asked that He would reach out His hand and create the cells that were missing so that her colon would finish growing and function correctly. I thanked Jesus and asked the Holy Spirit to glorify Jesus through His gift of healing bringing Sarah to a state of wholeness.

Here is the response that Sally Oon sent me today about Tina and Sarah Lim:

Hi Rusty,

How have you been? Hope all's well.

Glory be to God; I like to give you a quick update about Tina, my colleague whom you prayed for when you were here in S'pore. She has witnessed miracle on her baby. The doctor has reported that they have found nerve cells growing, which was contrary to the initial report when no such cells were found resulting in her current condition.

Glory be to our God, almighty. Tina and her hubby, Ivan, are very thankful for your prayer.

Upon receiving Tina's testimony she recounted the prayer and declaration I made over her baby, Sarah. The doctors had said maybe in two years an operation could be performed to help Sarah. But my declaration was: "Father, not in two years, not in two months, not in two weeks, but in two days. We ask that You do Your miracle and create new cells in her colon by the power of Your Holy Spirit in Jesus name amen." It was in two days from the prayer and declaration that the doctors found the new cells growing and were able to schedule the operation that they thought they would have to wait two years to schedule.


I am not sharing these testimonies to impress you with my own level of faith or my own ministry skills. Rather, I am showing you things that you can expect to do. For God desires to move through you in a similar way. We will talk a bit more about this in our next lesson.

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