About GodSpeak International

GodSpeak International is a non-profit missions outreach and teaching & discipling ministry; serving as a catalyst and support to encourage and create spiritual hunger and growth among non-believers, believers and churches seeking a deeper, more meaningful walk with the Lord with a special emphasis in the areas of renewal, prophetic, physical healing, and intercessory prayer giftings, and moving in the supernatural; primarily by means of short term mission trips, classes, seminars, writing, publishing, private internet discussion forums, and email lists & web publications.

The board of directors includes:

Rodney's Picture Rodney Hogue <Rodhogue@aol.com>

Jim's Picture Jim Paul <jimpaul@cogeco.ca>

Teresa's Picture Teresa Seputis <ts@godspeak.net>

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Our USA mailing address is:

GodSpeak International
PO Box 4000
Hayward, CA 94540-4000 USA

(GodSpeak is a non-profit organization in the USA and donations are tax deductible for US Income Tax purposes)

Our European mailing address is:

GodSpeak International
PO Box 200
(This mailing address can easily accept donations in any European currencies...)

The GodSpeak International Staff Includes the GodSpeak Board plus
John's Picture John DeLaughter
Staff Intercessor

Paul's Picture Paul Gaskin
Technical Director

John's Picture John Bullard
Fundraising Coordinator