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This was written on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2004. It is fiction that depicts what the first Eve Christmas might have been like from Heaven's perspective...

Heavenly Christmas Preparations
By Teresa Seputis

"Well, it's almost that time, " the Father said to the Son. "Less than 24 hours and You will be born as a human."

"Yes," Jesus replied. "I have mixed feelings about this. I love our creation and I am so looking forward to being able to interact with them on their level. But at the same time, it is going to be difficult to be separated from you Two."

"Yes," the Holy Spirit replied. "I feel the same way. I know that I will be with You when you are baptized, but that's not for 30 years. That is a long time to not be in the type of fellowship and union that We are used to."

"Still," the Father replied, "They are so helpless and they need this manifestation of Our love."

"Yes," the Son and the Holy Spirit agreed. "We love them so much that it is worth this sacrifice to Our communion."

About then, one of the Cherubim approached the throne. He was one of the Heavenly worship leaders. "Excuse me, Lord," he said. "I was wondering if it might be possible for some of us to come to Bethlehem and sing to You when You are born?"

"Isn't that sweet?" the Lord Jesus replied.

"Yes, I will send you," the Father answered. "But be aware that My Son will have set aside His divinity and taken on the helpless form of an infant child. He will also lay aside His supernatural understanding and take on the limitations of a human. That means that He will be unable to comprehend what you sing to Him. He won't understand what is going on."

For a moment, the angel looked at his Lord in disbelief. How could all-knowing God not perceive and understand what was going on around Him? How could the One who created the angels not understand their song? This was a new thing that God had never done before, and it was beyond comprehension.

Then awe of it began to settle over him. God was about to do something that He had never done before -- He was going to limit Himself. How could the omni-present One limit Himself to a single location? How could the omniscient One put aside His understanding and knowledge? This was truly amazing -- God was once again exceeding his expectations. The angel could not help himself, he dropped to his knees and began to worship.

Information travels very quickly in heaven. Within seconds, the other angels around the throne had joined him, singing in worship and adoration to the One who was about to leave the Heavenlies for a season.

One of the angels paused for a second. He had been before the throne and in God's presence all of his existence. He could not imagine what it would be like to be separated from a member of the Trinity. The though became unbearable and tears began to flow from of his eyes. He had never cried before and was startled. The angel wiped one tear away on his finger and looked at it in disbelief.

Just then Jesus caught his eye. "You know," He said, "I am going there is to turn their sorrow into joy. Sorrow is a thing that is not known in heaven, but you have briefly touched it. Since you now have an idea of what sorrow is, I am choosing you to be the one to announce the Joy I will give them. I am sending you to the shepherds to tell them of My coming, and your message will be accompanied by the singing of the cherubim."

So it was decided that a heavenly choir would be sent to bring mankind tidings of great joy.

The Father and the Spirit each gave the Son a hug. "We will be with you even when you cannot perceive Our presence."

Then Jesus did something that is not possible -- but He did it anyhow. He gathered up His "God Power" and pressed it into a tiny ball. He took His omnipresence and placed it in that ball as well, along with all of His supernatural knowledge. Then He handed the ball to the Father and said, "Hold on to this for Me. I am trusting it to You. Please give it back to Me after I have been crucified, and after I have risen from the dead and ascended back into Heaven."

"Of course I will keep it safe for you and give it back to you after you fulfill all of the tasks that We are sending you to do."

Jesus smiled. He could not imagine what it would be like to be limited; not to be Who He truly was, not to have all of His power and knowledge and constant fellowship with the other members of the Trinity. But He knew that He could trust the Father implicitly. He knew that while He was on the earth, the Holy Spirit was going to lead and guide and empower Him -- and He knew that He would be in very good hands. He knew that He had to do it this way so that He could be an example to those who would follow Him. They did not have any God-power to draw from, they could only be empowered by the indwelling Holy Spirit. And that is why Jesus choose to do it that way, so that they could follow His example and also be filled with the power and authority of God. Then they would be able to do all the things that Jesus did on the earth and He could send them as His witnesses.

"It's Time." The Father said.

Jesus looked down to the earth. He saw that the woman who would be His human mother was crying out in labor. She was not in her mother's house and surrounded by family, as was fitting of a woman giving birth. She was not even in her home town, but in Bethlehem so that the prophecies could be fulfilled. And her delivery room was not a room at all -- it was just a stable, open on one side and filled with animals. It was not clean but Jesus was coming to the earth to get His "hands dirty" with the things that man faced. He was coming in order to win the victory over the devil and to take back the authority that the devil had stolen. He was coming to break the power of sin and death, that His creation would no longer be separated from Him.

Jesus smiled at what He saw. "Yes, this is fitting."

Jesus embraced the Father one last time and looked squarely into His eyes. Great understanding passed between them -- the Father knew that Jesus was going to do His will and nothing but His will. They silently said good-bye for a season. Then Jesus embraced the Holy Spirit in the same manner.

Excitement rose in the angels as they watched all of this. It was the time when God was doing something new and more amazing that anything He had done before.

The angels fell prostrate before Jesus as He stood up and stepped off of His throne. They raised their voices in songs of adoration as He entered into the womb of a pregnant girl in a stable.

Seconds later, the midwife said, "It's a boy! A beautiful baby boy!" She smacked the Lord of all creation on His rear-end with no reverence at all. Then the stable was filled with the first cries of a newborn child. And God's greatest gift to all of humanity was wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in the loving arms of His mother.

And Christ was born on Christmas 'morn.

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