Prayer_Request: Charter and List Info

Prayer_Request Charter and List Information

Most of the godspeak lists do not allow personal prayer requests to be posted on them. So we have created a special place to post your personal prayer requsts -- the prayer-requst list.


This list is intended for personal requests only, requests for yourself, your friends and co-workers and church members, etc. You should not post the prayer request unless you know and have some sort of relationship with the person who the request is for.

This list is not a place to forward "moving" prayer requests you may receive from people you don't know, such as "My daughter is missing, please pray for her safe return," etc. (Of course, if you know the missing daughter or the parents of the missing person personally, that is a different story. But please don't post request for strangers who you don't know here, regardless of how urgent their request may sound. Also, if you are an interecssor for a ministry and you hear of an important need for this ministry, this list is not the place to post it, unless you happen to be on staff on that ministry.

Please do try to post any followup or praise reports. For instance, if we pray for healing for your uncle who is in the hospital and he gets well, let us know so we can rejoice wiht you. If the Lord takes your sick uncle home, please let us know so we can stop praying for him. E.g., give us praise reports or feedback on what happens in regard to the prayer requests.

Finally we must guard against gossip/slandar while sharing prayer requests. Do not identify the person and then proceed to tell details about them that could be interpreted as slanderous by a court of law. For instance if you were to detail pastoral abuse you received a HappyDay Church, then you must not identify the name of the church or the name of the pastor. You should not give any details that might come across sounding like gossip or slandar, even if you don't intend them that way.


  1. This list is for personal prayer requests only. You must know and be in some sort of personal relationship with the person who the request is for.
  2. Do not pass on prayer reqeusts that are circulating widely on the internet unless you know the people involved personally.
  3. Please try to give followup on prayer requests, especially if it involves an answer to the prayer. We need to know when it is time to stop praying for a given request and we also want to rejoice with you on answered prayers.
  4. It must be biblical. If you ask prayer for something unbliblical, (such as getting a quick divorce from your spouse so you can marry someone else), that is an unacceptable request and will not be posted.
  5. Do not include any details that might be considered slandarous or that might sound like gossip.
  6. Participants must be polite and respectful and loving at all times. It is OK to disagree with someone and to express that disagreement, but it must be done in love and in a polite and civilized manner. No flaming or personal attacks are allowed. In fact, no attacks on any Christian leader or organization or denomination or move-of-God are allowed, period.
  7. If you can't find a way to say it in love and in a gentle manner, then perhaps it should not be said. Openly hostile posts will not be permitted.
  8. If someone posts something that you disagree with or find unbiblical, do not post a hasty rebuttal; never respond in anger. Instead, spend some time to pray about it and ask the Lord to show you an appropriate and loving way to phrase your reply.

Guidelines and "How-To's"

Forwarding Guidelines
  1. Please do not forward people's prayer requets to another list without first contacting the person who shared it and obtaining their permission to forard it.
  2. Do not forward virus warnings, advertisements, chain letters, or off-topic mail to the prayer_request list.

Violation of the charter will result in a warning. Repeat violation of the charter could result in being removed from the conference.

Unauthorized Use of Email Addresses

The email addresses published on this list may NOT be connected and used for you own puposes. For instnace, you may not collect adresses from this list to invite them to join your own list or to try to send them advertizements or to send them your own ministry newsletters. Any use of the addresses published here that is outside of the scope of specifically responding to a posts to thist list is considered unathorized use, and will be ground for immediate and perminate removal from your subscription to the list.

If you post to the list and discouver your email address is being misused by one of the subcribers, please notify us immediately and we will remove the abuser from the list. To notify us when your address is abused, simply send email to
that detatils the abuse. Please forward the list invite or advertizing or personal ministry letter you receive to us as part of the report.