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His-Lordship Charter and Introduction

What is his-lordship? It is an electronic community or kinship of people who are actively seeking to give God "Lordship" in a seemingly out-of-control area of their lives. It is intended as a "safe" place where people encourage and support each other, as well as a place where we can learn together who to put an area of our lives under His Lordship.

To start, this list focuses primarily on diet/eating and fitness. [This is not a "weight loss group" per sae. But many of the members here may be working to get their body (the temple of the Holy Spirit) into better shape, and that could very well involve weight loss goals.]

This list is implemented differently than the other GodSpeak lists because it uses a message board for the majority of the member interpersonal communication and community building. The email list itself is reserved more to dispense helpful information and announcements, and hopefully one day as a platform to send weekly lessons or inspiring testimonies from. So, in addition to subscribing to this list (which you need to be on to receive some of the information you will need), you must also join the his-lordship message board at: www.his-lordship.proboards.com.


  1. It must be biblical. Any post (prophecy, teaching, or advice) that contradicts the Bible is assumed to be in error... period. The Bible remains our absolute authority.
  2. No discussion will be permitted in this conference which questions the basics of the Christian faith... they are assumed fundamental and agreed on by all participants. These fundamentals include: God exists as an intelligent and self-aware Being (as opposed to an impersonal force). God created mankind to be in fellowship with Him, but man sinned and this separated us from that fellowship with Him. Jesus Christ is God incarnate, Who became human lived among us and taught us and then died for our sins (because the penalty of sin is death and someone had to pay it). Jesus Christ then rose from the dead, forever conquering sin and death. He ascended into heaven and will return again to the earth to reign forever. In the mean time, Jesus Christ sent the Holy Spirit to indwell believers and to transform us into the image of Christ. The same indwelling Holy Spirit also imparts spiritual gifts into those who have accepted Jesus as their Lord. This includes the gifts of physical healing, as per 1 Cor 12:9, which is still active in the Church today.
  3. The his-lordship email list is NOT a place to post "please pray for me" types of requests. However, the message board associated with this list does have a board dedicated to prayer requests. You may post prayer requests and answered-prayer praise reports on the message board.
  4. Posts must be on topic. There is a wide range of on-topic for learning to bring an area of our life (such as our eating or exercise) under His lordship. You may ask how-to questions, you may ask theological questions that pertain directly to putting an area of your life under His Lordship, or you may share experiences. However, This is NOT a forum to discuss or debate or theologize biblical prophecy, or to raise theological debates regarding unrelated topics. It is a how-to, learning and practice group for those who have started trying to put an area of their life under His lordship. It is also intended as a community to encourage and support each other as we learn to walk out His lordship out in our day-to-day lives.
  5. Participants must be polite and respectful and loving at all times. It is OK to disagree with someone and to express that disagreement, but it must be done in love and in a polite and civilized manner. No flaming or personal attacks are allowed. In fact, no attacks on any Christian leader or organization or denomination or move-of-God are allowed, period.
  6. If you can't find a way to say it in love and in a gentle manner, then perhaps it should not be said. Openly hostile posts will not be permitted.
  7. This list (and especially the message board interactions) will build community and is a place to support and encourage each other and to build each other up on our gifting. However, this is not a support group for emotional or mental problems, and is not a place to dump problems that are unrelated to putting areas of our life under His lordship.
  8. Realize that from time to time, someone will make a mistake or share ideas that are in error. Remember that this is a learning forum and that making mistakes is part of the natural learning process. Therefore, we give each other -- and ourselves -- the grace to make mistakes and to learn from them. We will not disqualify someone else (or ourselves) if they make an occasional mistake, providing they act in love and that they behave in accordance with the his-lordship charter. However, we encourage the list-members to have a teachable spirit and to receive feedback and maybe even gentle correction with humility. Remember that the character of a believer is every bit as important as the giftings that they move in.
  9. If someone posts something that you disagree with or find unbiblical, do not post a hasty rebuttal in anger. Instead spend some time to pray about it and ask the Lord to show you an appropriate and loving way to phrase your reply.

    Violation of the charter will result in a warning. Repeat violation of the charter could result in being removed from the conference and banned from the message board.

Guidelines and "How-To's"

Forwarding Guidelines
  1. Please do not forward people's posts to another list without first contacting the author getting their permission first.
  2. Do Not Cross-Post (e.g., post the same post to multiple GodSpeak lists)
  3. Do not forward virus warnings, advertisements, chain letters, or off-topic mail to the his-lordship list.
  4. Do not forward GodSpeak Copyrighted material without first obtaining permission.

We hope you will be blessed and stretched by this list. You can send us email at:


Unauthorized Use of Email Addresses

The email addresses published on this list may NOT be connected and used for you own purposes. For instance, you may not collect addresses from this list to invite them to join your own list or to try to send them advertisements or to send them your own ministry newsletters. Any use of the addresses published here that is outside of the scope of specifically responding to a posts to this list is considered unauthorized use, and will be ground for immediate and permanent removal from your subscription to the list.

If you post to the list and discover your email address is being misused by one of the subscribers, please notify us immediately and we will remove the abuser from the list. To notify us when your address is abused, simply send email to

that details the abuse. Please forward the list invite or advertizing or personal ministry letter you receive to us as part of the report.
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