Early Renewal Experiences: Tuesday, September 6

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Back in SF: a deaf woman healed (Sep 6, 1994)

God came in power today. Jan, who has been receiving so much from the Lord, wanted to start giving it away. She made arrangements to pray with me this evening.

When the ministry time started, I could feel the Lord's anointing on me very strongly. I could feel that same light pressure on top of my head that I'd expereinced in Toronto.

The ministry time was fairly powerful. The anointing did not seem to be quite as strong as when I prayed in Toronto. But there was a powerful anointing and the Lord was deeply touching people. I led most of the prayer, but Jan prayed as well. A couple of times I did not know exactly what to pray for a particular person and Jan seemed to get exactly the right thing. When that happened, the Lord led me to put my hand on Jan's shoulder and pray for an impartation for her to minister. The Lord reminded me that He was anointing me to impart the ability to impart into others. It was exciting watching that occur with Jan.

One lady came up to us quite upset. She was sure that she was demonized because she had been present once when her friend stole an idol from a museam. I told her to stand there and worship the Lord and we'd be back to pray with her in a second; that we had promised to pray for someone else first. She said she'd work through it on her own if she had to. I said that we'd be happy to pray for her as soon as we were done with the other lady. Again I suggested that she worship the Lord while she waited.

Jan and I went over to Bonnie's friend. She had been standing waiting for prayer, but now had sat down. So I asked her if she wanted prayer and she said yes. She was a rather large black lady, and she had never been to a renewal meeting before. So I gave her brief instructions about receiving prayer. Jan and I started praying for her. As we prayed, she spoke in tongues. I remember thinking that this woman was "trying too hard" as Jan and I prayed for her and was concerned that it might interfer with her ability to receive. As we prayed, her arms started lifting up and she rose to her toes. She started flapping her arms slowly and I recognized that Eagle anointing from Toronto. It was the first time I'd seen it in San Francisco. I remember thinking to the Lord, "Oh Lord, why me?" I did not understand this particular anointing and was not particularly comfortable with it. Why did it have to come to someone I was praying for? But I decided to simply bless what the Lord was doing and try to cooperate with Him. I remembered what John had prayed when he ministered to that particular anointing. He considered the Eagle anointing a prophetic anointing and he prayed for their vision in the Spirit to increase. So I prayed that over her and blessed a prophetic anointing over her. Also Isaiah 40:31 came strongly to mind, so I prayed this over her. I blessed her with the ability to wait on the Lord and prayed that she would renew of her strength and mount up as an Eagle, that she would run and not be weary and that she would walk and not faint. It was clear that the Holy Spirit was on her strongly. His delight was written all over her face. I did not know exactly how to pray over this anointing, so I stood there waiting on the Lord for a while and Jan started praying for her. I walked around behind her and continued praying. I mentioned to Bonnie that I thought this was the eagle anointing that I'd seen in Toronto and that it had to do with the prophetic. Bonnie said that she was glad because this lady was really special.

The Lord continued to move on this lady and touch her. But He did not show us anything else to pray for her. He did, however, speak to me about the lady who was waiting for us to come and pray for her. He said that He wanted to assure her that His power to protect was greater than the enemy's power to harm. He wanted to establish her trust in Him. He did not want to deal with demonics at all, but He wanted to bless her.

As we walked back to this lady, I told Jan to let me take the lead on this because it was not going where she though it would be. Jan was more than willing to honor my request. We got back and I started praying over the lady what the Lord had shown me to pray. The lady opened her eyes and was very excited. She said that the Lord had shown her that this was just an attack of the enemy to try and steal her blessing and she had decided to let the Lord bless her anyhow.

I continued to pray for her. I noticed that she kept her eyes open and looked at me. I suggested that perhaps she would be able to receive more if she closed her eyes and concintrated on worshipping the Lord. She said that she was deaf and had to keep her eyes open to read my lips to know what I was praying.

I suggested that we move to where the light was better then, so that she could see more clearly. She agreed and we found a spot. As I continued to pray for her, I could feel a very strong healing anointing come on me. My hands were tingling and warm, and the light pressure had returned on the top of my head. I don't know how it I knew it, but I knew that Jan was experiencing the same anointing. I started praying for an increase in the healing anointing. The lady we were praying for went down. I touched her ears and asked the Lord to open them. Then I asked Jan to put her hands on the lady's ears and pray for her. The lady broke into the biggest smile and tears came to her eyes. I asked her if she could hear what Jan was praying for her. "Yes," she replied, "I can hear her. I can hear!"

We prayed for her a little longer and then moved on. We were, of course, both excited about what the Lord had done for her. I mentioned to Jan, "You know, we had nothing to do with that. That was the Lord healing her." Jan nodded. Then I went on to ask Jan if her hands had been tingling and hot when she prayed for her. Jan said yes. I told her that was a healing anointing, and she should learn to recognize it because the Lord wanted to more of this. Jan said that matched up with some prophesies that Kim Clement had spoken over her. I remembered the Lord telling me that Jan was experienceing the same things I had, so I asked her if she felt a pressure on top of her head, as though someone was ligthly touching her there. She said that she did.

We looked over at the lady. She was sitting up, talking to a friend with animated gestures and clearly very excited. I walked back up to her, and asked if the Lord had blessed her. She said "Oh yes!"

(I talked to Jan on the phone a few days later. She said that when she saw the look of delight on that lady's face, Jan began to really understand what God's love was all about. Jan got an overwhelming sense that His love was intimately connected to His healing. Jan said that revelation came from seeing the expression of joy on the lady's face as she realized she had been healed. It may be that the Lord ministered more to Jan by allowing her to partisipate in a healing than He ministered to the lady who had been healed. Isn't the Lord wonderful!)

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