Early Renewal Experiences: Missions Anointing, August 27, 1994

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Randy Clark: Missions Anointing

(Saturday August 27, 1994)

I was standing around talking before sevice started. A very familiar looking woman walked up to me. I figured I just recognized her from the renewal meetings. She asked me if I was from San Jose and I said that No, I was from Oakland. She said that she knew me from Glad Tidings Church in San Jose and identified herself as Millie Kerr. It turned out that she was a missionary to Brazil who I used to pray for and write letters to. (Actually, most of my correspondence was to her son Grant, but I guess she used to read my letters.) The summer between my junior and senior years of high school, I had gone to some bible college classes at Glad Tidings. Claude and Millie had been home on firlough that summer and had either attended or taught the evangelism class I was in -- I can't remember which. It was so long ago. I was very surprised that Millie was able to recognize me. She seemed to remember great details about me, which suprised me even more. She said that back then I felt that I had the call of the Lord on my life for missions. She wanted to know if I ever made it to the missions field. I told her I'd been a summer-term missionary to Japan, but that was it. The conversation stirred up something inside of me and I found missions strongly on my mind. I started praying and asking the Lord if He wanted me to be involved in missions again after all. I could almost see my husband becomming saved and us going out as a couple to unreached people groups in the 10/40 window.

Service started. First worship and then Randy got up to speak. He mentioned again about the need to hire extra staff at this Church and that was what the offering would go towards. This time I had a check for $100.00 in my pocket, all made out and ready. So I was egarly looking forward to the offering.

Then Randy had a newlywed couple come up for a testamony. They had, literally, been married the evening before. He had met them and ministered to them in Toronto. They felt that they were called as missionaries to Cambodia -- the wife had Cambodian heritiage. He had them share what had happened to them in Toronto, where they had received their calling to the mission field. The wife shared that when she was prayed for, she asked the Lord if she could touch His heart. Suddenly, He showed her His heart for the lost. She even had a vision of what Hell was like and was overcome with pain and sadness at the thought of unsaved people going there. She was down for hours crying and sometimes even screaming in anguish for the unsaved. Now she had dedicated her life to reaching her own people. After she finished her testamony, Randy prayed for the couple.

My heart had been strangly stirred during her testamony. I felt that old passion for missions raising up inside of me again. First the conversation will missionaries I prayed for when I was in high school. Now this. Was the Lord trying to tell me something? I noticed that I was shaking mildly under the Lord's power.

Then Randy asked for those of us who were either having physical manifestations such as shaking or deep inner stirrings about missions to stand up; he wanted to pray for us. I was having both, so I stood up. (Actually there were 5 of us sitting together who all stood at the same time; Desta, myself, and three women from Concord. We were sitting in a section of the front-row. One of those women had been shaking under the power since I'd first arrived that evening. At the moment, all 5 of us were shaking under the power. I began to wonder if the Lord had put a strong anointing on this particular section of the room.)

Randy prayed for an anointing for missions in any of three areas: going, covering it in intercession or giving so that others may go. I felt that any of the three could apply to me and gave the Lord permission to use me in any (or all) of those areas. For several weeks before this, there had been a deep stirring within me about power evangelism; I yearned to speak His words to the unsaved and see Him back them up with signs and wonders. I began to see how this could apply to missions as well as to evangelism here in the Bay Area.

I cannot describe the intensity that came over me. The shaking manisfestation on me increased drasticly, and I noticed that I was also bouncing up and down. I also noticed that the others in our little group of 5 were having a similiar experience. I could feel the Lord's power all over me and was keenly aware of His presense. At one point I felt myself falling forward and the next thing I knew, I was laying down on my back on the ground. I am positive that there was no one around to have caught me. I was mostly aware of the Lord's presense. But at one point I noticed that all of our little group of 5 were on the floor except for Desta, who was still shaking powerfully under the Lord's touch.

I remember hearing Randy asking the Lord to give us His heart for the lost. I prayed that for myself silently along with him. I expect that perhaps I would have a vision of hell or experience intense emotional pain. But instead a verse came to me over and over again: "Ask of me, and I will give you the heathen for your inheritance and the utter most parts of the earth for your possession." I guess I must have been alittle overwhelmed by all of this, because it did not actually occur to me to ask until about the 3rd or 4th time I heard this verse. Then I started asking the Lord to do that. I pleaded with Him to use me to reach the unsaved and to allow them to come to Christ. I prayed that verse back to Him and told Him that I was asking.

Then the Lord spoke to me. He said that I had to understand the cost. It could easily cost me my life. Was I willing to be spent on the unsaved? I told Him that I was and prayed that verse back to Him again. A few moments later, my attention turned to Randy's sermon. He was just starting to talk about counting the cost, about how some of us would be called to give our lives to spread the gospel. He gave some real life examples of missionaries who had died while spreading the gospel. Randy used the term that they were "change in God's pocket for Him to spend however He wanted to."

This came just after the Lord had spoken to me along the same lines and I figured it was a confirmation. I mentally considered whether or not I was willing to be one of God's resources that He spends on the unsaved world. I decided that I was. I realized that there was a very good chance that I was making a life and death decision, and would shortly be asked -- for real -- to die for the Lord. That was not a scary though. I could feel the Lord all around me and knew that when He calls me to die for Him that He will strengthen Me. I also got the sense that many of those who God was touching so powerfully tonight might be called to die for the gospel. It was both sobering and empowering.

Then I could feel the Lord's presense all over me again. It overwhelmed me and I became aware of nothing but Him. He kept saying that verse to me over and over again, "Ask of Me and I will give you the heathen for your inheritance and the uttermost part of the earth for your possession." I kept asking. I started seeing specific faces flash before my eyes. I prayed for those specific faces even though I did not know who they were. Then I started praying for Israel and for Japan.

From time to time I would feel the intensity on me increase for short periods. When that happened, I would start shaking more forcefully and sometimes I would cry out. I also noticed that sometimes my hands were making a series of rapid chopping motions. A couple of times I became aware that those near me on the ground were also shaking more and crying out at the same time that I was. It was as though the Holy Spirit was stirring us all at the same time. I remember asking the Lord about it and He reminded me that sometimes He uses the people under His power as a prophetic AMEN to what is being said in the sermon. I remembered thinking that He must have really liked this sermon, which was a call to missions regardless of the cost. Then I stopped thinking about this and became busy asking the Lord for the heathen as Christ's inheritance.

It was a powerful and intense and very deep time for me. From time to time I would become aware of what was going on in the service, but mostly I was aware of what the Lord was doing in me. His touch was all over me. I noticed that they had started ministry time, and heard Randy give a call specifically for people who needed a physical healing from the Lord. I remember thinking that I should get up and go pray for people since I was on the ministry team, but I was unable to. The Lord's hand was on me too heavily.

Later, I heard Randy give a call for those whose hearts had been stirred for missions to go line up around the walls so that he could pray for us. I somehow managed to get up and go wander into the line. I stood there facing the wall with my eyes closed and could still feel the Lord's presense all over me. Randy prayed some general prayer over us and I started shaking violently again. I ended up going down. Apparently someone had moved behind me to catch me. I lay on the ground shaking under the Lord's touch. I felt as though I was being empowered in intercession for the unsaved. I continued to hear "Ask of Me and I will give you the heathen for your inheritance and the uttermost parts of the earth for your possession." I continued to ask the Lord for the Nations. It was an incredibly powerful experience. There was a rising certainty within me that God was indeed going to send forth a world wide revival; that there would not be enough workers for all of the hearts He was going to prepare to receive Christ. I prayed and I prayed. The more I prayed, the more I was empowered.

Occasionally I was aware of people praying over me as I lay there. One lady came and prayed for a release in intercession and in the prophetic. Claude Kerr, the ex-missionary from Brazil, came and prayed over me. Some other people came and prayed over me as well. Every prayer seemed exactly right on. God continued to touch me powerfully.

At one point, my body became physically exhausted and the Lord allowed me to rest for a few minutes. I had my eyes closed and was just resting in His peace, still very aware of His presense. Then I started to feel a power going through my body. I flicked my eyes open and noticed that Randy Clark was praying for the person standing next to me. I guessed I was experiencing the overflow from that prayer. The Lord seemed to be there with SO MUCH POWER that evening. Then I was back into intercession and unaware of anything else.

I felt like I was running and running. I had a sense that this had something to do with a release into evangelism, but didn't really understand it. Then I became aware that, while laying flat on my back, my arms and feet were making running motions. I had a sense of being "sent out."

At another point, I saw this large thick brick wall infront of me, stretching out to the right and left as far as I could see. I started pounding on the brick wall with my fists and kept saying "In the name of Jesus, you will come down!" I stayed there for a very long time pounding on that wall and felt the anointing on me increase as this occurred. I had a sense that this wall was the spiritual blindness that the enemy puts on people to make them resistant to the gospel. I felt this great authority weld up within me and forbid the enemy to continue blinding people to the gospel. I continued pounding on the wall and saying "In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazereth, you will come down!" I had a sense that my arms were pantamiming (or acting out) what I was experiencing. I had a brief mental flash that I must look very strange to watch at the moment. But that thought was unimportant and I continued to beat the wall with my fists until the intensity left me.

At one point I struggled to my feet and stood up. A few moments later David and Jill Loya (pastors from my Church) came over and prayed for me. Jill's prayer was very prophetic and very powerful. I was down again and the Lord continued to touch me. Finally the intensity left me and I was able to get up.

I stood there for a few minutes, unsure of what to do. Then I decided that maybe I should go get in line for Randy Clark to pray for me. I'm not sure whether it was a good plan or not, but atleast it was a plan. I was still so overwhelmed with what the Lord had done in me that evening that I knew I was not in shape to go and pray for people. So I looked around to room, found where Randy was praying and wandered over to that part of the room. I figured it would be quite a wait, so I decided to spend the time worshipping the Lord. I must have gotten lost in worship. I noticed that I'd started to shake lightly, which I've come to recognize as the Lord's power on me. I just stood there worshipping along with the music, my hands raised to the Lord. After what seemed like a very short period of time, I felt someone squeeze my right hand. I heard a voice say "more power, Lord." I flicked my eyes open and saw that Randy was praying for me already. I closed my eyes again and just waited on the Lord. His presense on me seemed to increase. Randy did not pray anything else, he just blew lightly on my forehead. I felt myself falling and the catcher lay me on the floor.

I remember being a tad disappointed. I was hoping the Lord would impart something to me when I was prayed for. In particular, I was seeking the Lord for an anointing for power evangelism. Oh well, whatever the Lord wanted to do...

After a while, I got up. I was still a little woosy from the Lord's touch. I started walking towards my seat, intending to sit down for a while. However, a woman from Livermore grabbed me and told me that there was a problem. Her friend had been injured when she was prayed for and was in a great deal of pain. She wanted me to come and deal with the situation. I decided to go get Micheal Bordeur instead. I told him about the problem and brought him over to where the woman was. He started praying for her, and I wandered off.

Later I talked to the woman who had grabbed me and got the story from her. Her friend had injured her back and had just seen the doctor for muscle relaxants, etc. She was in pain when she arrived at the meeting. There was a word of knowledge about back pain and she went up to receive prayer for that. Apparently someone who was not on the prayer team had prayed for her without a catcher and she went down. She ended up injuring her back worse and was unable to get up on her own or move. I came back later to pray for her. The Lord did not appear to heal her when I prayed for her. She was obviously in a great deal of pain.

I was concerned that this had occurred. People should not be getting hurt when the Lord's presense is so strong on the meeting. I found myself praying for His protection over the meeting and that no one else would be harmed in any way. That put a little bit of a damper on what had otherwise been a very powerful evening.

I felt a little bit subduled and was concerned for the woman with the injured back. So I did not feel up to ministering to people. I sat in a chair not too far from where Randy was praying for people and observed. (Maybe some of the anointing would rub off just by watching?)

I noticed that Millie Kerr was in line and soon Randy prayed for her. He stayed with her for a little while and not much appeared to be happening. Then Randy moved on. Micheal Bordeur and a lady who I don't know moved in to pray for Millie -- who appeared to be "HTR" (Hard To Recieve). The Lord whispered in my ear that I should go pray for Millie, so I went up and joined the team. After a few minutes they moved on, but I stayed with her. I just continued to soak her and asked that the Lord would surround her with His love and peace and send refreshment from His throne. I could see His peace wash over her. She started swaying gently. Someone was kind enough to come up and act as a catcher. The Lord continued to saturate her with His presense. She had been standing for a very long time, contining to sway under His touch. I felt impressed to pray "Lord, let her know that this is You!" Immediately after that prayer, she let out a peaceful sigh and went down. I was impressed with how gently and compassionately the Lord was touching her. I continued to soak her in prayer, asking the Lord to fill her with His goodness and love. She started laughing softly under the spirit. I was filled with a sense of delight as I watched the Lord bless Millie.

Then I got up and ran into her husband. We talked for a few minutes and another person joined us. They wanted to pray for me, so I let them. The Lord touched me again and I broke out into laugher. I went home feeling very "full" and very blessed.

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