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Highlights From 40-Days Prayer and Fasting list

The 40-days list was an email community to fast and pray together. (It is now replaced by the fastnprayer list, moderated by Greg Randolph.) For more details on the 40-days list or the fastnprayer list, click here.

Enclosed are a few articles from that list which that might be a blessing to you... There are many excellent articles from the 40-days list that I have NOT put on my WWW page. The choice of what articles I do or do not put are my WWW page are purely subjective... posts that really jump out at me... I hope you will be blessed by them...

  1. By Way of Encouragement (by Jim Wyatt)
  2. 40 is NOT a Magic Number (by Teresa Seputis)
  3. God's Protection During A Long Fast (by Hector Vasland)
  4. Physical and Spiritual Aspects of Fasting (by Teresa Seputis)
  5. Email regarding my first 40 days fast (by Teresa Seputis)

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