Course Introduction

On-Line Intermediate Prophetic Training/Activation course:

Prophetic-School Training 201

a combination of teaching lessons and workshop (activations)

begins Jan 15, 2000, continues for 8 weeks

Course material will be sent out through the prophetic-school list. There will be two forums for doing the activation (workshop):
  1. email
  2. AIM Chatroom.

To become properly prepared to be able to hear the voice of the Lord, for ourselves and for others.

This course is offered at two levels: beginning and intermediate.

  1. Beginning - the teaching is excellent for learning to hear God's voice clearly. It is clear and easy to understand. If you have not completed the PS101 course and do not already have some practical experience in the prophetic, you should still read the lessons. You will find them very helpful. The workshop will probably be too advanced for you, so I recommend that you do not sign up for a workshop if you consider yourself a raw beginner in the prophetic. However, you can stop by the AIM dropin Prophetic School chatroom during the "facilitated" times and there will frequently be activations going that you will find helpful with the course material.

  2. Intermediate. The workshops for this course will start at a low intermediate level and progressively move to more involved levels of the prophetic. At the very least, the teaching material and practice sessions (called activations) will improve a person's devotional life by helping us know how to discern/recognize God's voice more effectively. In more gifted individuals, the activations have the potential to reveal a true prophetic gift and ability to "flow" in the prophetic.

This course will not make prophets of those whom the Lord has not called as prophets and hence, should not be seen as the means of one's release in the local church to prophesy at will.

The main emphasis on this course is learning to discern God's voice clearly. The teaching for this course is fairly basic, any anyone could benefit from reading the material. However, the prophetic activations are somewhat more advanced and the activation protion of this course is NOT recommended for raw beginners.

For Teaching Material (only): You must be born again.
For Activations and Teaching Material: Completion of the Prophetic Training 101 course or some level of experience prophecying in your local church.

This training is derived from a teaching series that John Webster of Christian International (CI) travels around teaching at many churches and seminars. It has been adapted for the Internet. It is an instruction and activation series, designed move people to be able to hear God's voice with clarity and (if so gifted) to minister propheticly with confidence and accuracy and specific detail. The course contains sound bible-based teaching on the prophetic and practical instructions to teach students how to discern God's voice clearly and how to develop their prophetic gifting. It also contains a series of carefully orchestrated activation exercises, which are best if done in a small group setting, but which are adapted for email and AIM Chatroom mediums. We will offer 5 different AIM chatroom activation groups, each under the supervision of a trained instructor. We will also offer an email activation, where you will be partnered with other students (a different partner each week) to do your activation exercises via email.

This course is being sponsored by the leadership core of the prophetic-school email conference brief bios for the leadership core are available at:
The course teaching material is developed by John Webster, who is one of CI's senior prophets. John teaches at CI's Bible College and travels internationally doing prophetic ministry and teaching. John's series, titled "Hearing God's Voice" is the material for this course.

The activations used in this course are co-written by John Webster and Teresa Seputis. However, the primary work of running this course's activation groups is being performed by a group of trained instructors. This group includes some of our advanced students:

The AIM chatrooms are offered at these times:
Schedule for 201 Class AIM Chatroom Activation Groups
Day of Week Time of Day
MondayDayss 12:30-2 PM EST, 5:30-7:00 PM GMT
MondayEvenings 9:30-11 EST, 2:30-4:00 AM GMT
TuesdayEvenings 8:30-10 PM EST, 1:30-3:00 AM GMT
ThursdayEvenings 8-9:30 PM EST, 1-3:30 AM GMT
SaturdayDays Noon-1:30 PM EST, 6:30-8 PM GMT

No fees. Free.

However, we would prefer that you touch bases with your local pastor or another leader from your church and receive their permission/blessing to participate in this training. A letter designed for pastors detailing the course is available on the WWW:
Pastoral permission is not required to participate in this course, but it is recommeded.

You have to do two things to register:

  1. Subscribe to the prophetic-school list if you are not already subscribed. The lessons will be mailed out to the prophetic-school list. You will not recieve the lessons if you are not subscribed to this list. To subscribe, send email to

  2. Register for the activation group by sending the registration info to <>

    To register, you must include the following information in your email. Firstname, Lastname, email address. For AIM, please also include your AIM screen name. For Email, please also include your sex (Male/Female) and approximate age. If you do not supply all of this information, you will not be able to register for this class.

REGISTRATION PERIOD IS Dec 27, 2000 to Jan 15, 2001. Please register during that time period. We will not send out course enrollment confirmations until atleast Jan 1, 2000.

Please do not register for multiple online interactive groups.. e.g., don't register for two different AIM groups. It is fine to be in the email activation and one interactive (AIM) group.