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Highlight of South Africa

All Things Are Possible Prophetic Conference

(Sept 12 to 19, 1999)

The Prophetic-School list co-sponsored a prophetic conference in Capetown South Africa with a denomination called Kingdom Ministries. The conference was entitled "All Things Are Possible Prophetic Conference" and the dates were Sept 12 to 19, 1999. The team of speakers included three of the prophetic-school leadership core: Bret Wade, John Webster and myself (Teresa Seputis).

The trip/team was incredible. Bret and John are both *so* annointed! The conference went great.. record attendance.... and the local pastors were totally thrilled. We did a lot of teaching, prophetic ministry and impartation. I would like to share a few of the highlights with you...

Our plane departed Miami on Friday, Sept 10. We had all originated from different parts of the country and "met up" in Miami for the 14 hour flight from Miami to Capetown. Needless to say, it was a very long flight! We started by chatting and fellowshipping, doing some resting and reading, etc. At one point we began to discuss the conference and how we would run it. While we were having this discussion, a rather good looking black man kept walking past us in the aisle and looking at us. I was so intent on planning the trip that I hardly noticed him. He must have passed us several times when finally he stopped and introduced himself with, "Hi. I heard you discussing my Jesus, so I had to stop by and introduce myself."

Bret answered immediately, "You're Kirk Franklin, aren't you?" Both John and I smiled, impressed that Bret knew someone on the plane. We had a short conversation and during the course of it, it came out that Kirk was a rather famous Christian Recording Artist, who was on his way to South Africa for a ministry performance. Neither John nor I had heard of Kirk Franklin nor knew who he was (I guess we both listen to a very limited selection of music??). But Bret knew Kirk.. Bret had recognized Kirk from his picture on a CD. Kirk was very nice and we all liked him immediately. I did not understand he was a big time famous Christian artist until after he had left and Bret explained to us who he was.

Our plane landed about 1:00 PM in Capetown. All of the luggage came through except for one bag.. Bret's main suitcase. We stayed around for another hour or two while airport workers searched several cargo bins for misplaced luggage.. it seems the ground crews in Miami had "mis-filed" some of the luggage for Capetown in bins destined for Johannesburg (the flight continued on to Johannesburg) and several passengers were missing luggage. They finally sorted out the luggage but Bret and two other passengers were still missing bags.. so I sneaked through customs to tell Alfie Fabe what was going on and to get a phone number and local address to have Bret's bag delivered to, then sneaked back in to the baggage area.. ok, I did not really sneak.. I found an official and asked him if he could escort me out to get this info . He was very obliging and helpful. [By the way, the suitcase was delivered to where we were staying the next morning.]

It must have been about 3:30 PM when we arrived at Alfie's house. I had expected the whole team was staying there, but found that Bret and John were being sent to other houses, relatively far away from where I would be staying. Then they informed us of our evening's agenda.. they had scheduled a pastor's meeting for 7:30 PM that evening, and expected the team to minister at at. I guess they were not familiar with the concept of "jetlag". John and Bret took short naps. I was determined to beat jetlag by forcing myself to stay up until bedtime. I felt like a zombie when the meeting started... it was one of those "More of Him and less of me" situations.. John and Bret and I prophecied to each person there. I found myself realizing that a nap would have indeed been "wisdom". But the Lord was gracious and He gave accurate and powerful words despite our being exhausted from the trip.

The conference began the next morning. Bret was asked to speak at another church in the area, and John was the opening speaker for the conference. Now, I have worked online with John for about a year.. I met him face to face in a restaurant in Florida one day when I was Jim Wies's houseguest and John happened to be at the same restaurant as we were. I had seen his teaching on the prophetic-school. I have been on online prophetic teams with John and have seen him prophecy and have prophesied with him. But I had never seen John in a conference setting or heard him teach "live" before. I was impressed at how good he was. He is an excellent teacher, and really knows how to keep the crowd involved and with him. His teachings are indepth and very insightful. I was so impressed with just how skilled and capable he is and remembered stopping to thank God for sending such a capable teammate to this conference.

We did not see each other during the afternoon. Bret spoke that evening. Bret is a motivational speaker. I had previously had the opportunity to see Bret in action in New York (we were both speakers at the same conference there). So I knew Bret would be good. But the crowd responded to him even more than I expected.. Bret has a way of building faith and inspiring people to truly believe and receive what God has for them. It was a very powerful evening.

Monday morning was our first "morning session". The morning sessions were to be dedicated more to teaching and workshops (or activations). We started with a panel.. John then Bret then myself shared how we had come to hear God's voice, what God's voice sounded like and how we first began to move in the prophetic. Then we opened it for questions and answers. There were so many questions that we ran out of time and had to skip our planned activation exercise. We did do some team prophecy.. we took turns pulling people out of the audience and giving them a word from the Lord. John went first, then me and finally Bret. We each ministered to about 3 or 4 people. The Lord came in such power. I don't think there was a single person who did not end up on the floor while the word of the Lord was being released over them. It was such fun ministering with John and Bret that morning.

The conference continued very well, with us taking turns speaking at various sessions. John spoke and lead an activation on Tuesday morning and the folks were very excited that God would speak through them. Bret and I sort of wandered around the room while the folks were partnered off, being available for questions. About half way through the activation, a man came up to me quite concerned. He told me his problem. Apparently he had sought a word from the Lord for his partner (who he did not know). He ended giving one that went like this, "The Lord loves you and wants you to being to serve Him. You have never come to know him personally and this is your time.. God is inviting you to turn away from false doctrine and to enter into a personal relationship with Him." His partner had stammered, "I cannot receive that, I am New Apostolic" and turned and ran out of the meeting. Needless to say the man was quite dismayed, wondering if he'd done something wrong. I asked him what New Apostolic is.. it turns out it is a cult where people do not believe in the diety of Jesus and salvation comes through the Apostles of the denomination praying for you, not through the blood of Jesus. I remember thinking to myself.. "Wow" because he had done such a good job of hearing God. I explained that it is our job to give the word, but it is up to the person receiving it to determine what to do with it. Right then the Lord gave me some revelation, which I shared with him.. the man had been demonized and the demon was afraid it would loose it's hold over him as he was presented with the message of God's love. So the demon needed to get the man out of there as soon as possible.. which is why he ran out of the church. But the Lord said that those words had burned into his memory and would continue to come back to him again and again, because God was actively pursuing the man.

The conference was going so well, and the Lord was moving powerfully in the lives of those who were attending. It was incredible what God was doing. It did not take long before the local leadership asked us to come back and do another conference.. so we planned together to sponsor another All Things Are Possible Prophetic Conference in May of 2000. The first night that they announced the team would be back in May the place erupted into applause. It was quite an experience for me .

I spoke Wednesday morning on "What God's Voice Sounds Like". It was a basic teaching that I have done before, but for some reason the Lord really annointed it that morning. After the teaching, we had them do an activation where they were to pay attention to how they heard from God for their partner.. did the hear Him, see a picture, sense something or "just know". Then we wrapped it up with a bit of personal prophecy where the whole team took terms prophesying to various people.

After it was over, I was supposed to go to lunch with Lena (Alfie's wife) and Heather Lincoln.. sort of a "get away" for us girls. I began to gather my things and found myself surrounded by a large crowd of people waiting to talk to me. Some had questions, some wanted to share experiences that my teaching had reminded them of, some wanted prayer, some need various forms of pastoral counseling (which I could not really minister to in these conditions), and some wanted prophetic direction (to which I tried to help them learn how to hear from God for themselves instead). I have never had such a long line of people waiting to talk to me before..... it took almost two hours before I finally spoke to most of them.. even as I was leaving, late for my lunch date with Heather and Lena (and very hungry) two more people came up to me.. and I had to ask them to catch me another time. What an experience! (To my surprise, I found that from that session forward, I was "mobbed" at the end of each of the remaining sessions of the conference. I noticed that John often "sneaked" to the pastor's office just before the service ended.. because otherwise he would be mobbed with folks wanting personal prophecy from him. I sort of learned from John, and twice (when I felt spent after the service) I also "sneaked" into the office just before service ended to avoid facing a long line of people wanting individual ministry.

We finally hit the Mall for a very late lunch... and we had such a good time. Heather and Steve Lincoln are on staff with GodSpeak International. They are from England, but God has called them to South Africa and they are currently residing there and doing quite a work for the Lord. "Us girls" got together and had fun talking and eating and fellowshipping. At the same time, Steve and John (both of whom are Office Of The Prophet types of prophets) got together to touch bases and fellowship. Steve and John ended up at a pizza parlor just across the hall from the restaurant we were in. They tried to wave to us, but none of us girls ever saw them. I am not sure they believed us, but we were not intentionally ignoring them.. we just did not see them.

In Capetown, they drive on the left side of the street, just like they do in England. Of course, those of us from the States are used to driving on the right side of the street. The girls (Lena, Heather and I) had hit the mall in Lena's car. Steve does not drive, so Heather had lent her car to John. I understand that John and Steve's drive home from the mall was a bit "exciting" as John momentarily forgot which side of the street to drive on. John denies it.... but Steve swears to it. Both are very truthful.. and we won't know "for sure" until we are in Heaven. But I sort of suspect Steve's perceptions of the drive home might have been the most accurate.

Let me skip forward to Friday, which was an incredible day. Bret had the morning session. He was feeling very sick (a terrible head cold) but managed to carry the session as well as if he was in perfect health. He did an inspirational teaching and then for the ministry time, Bret asked the Lord to release words of knowledge for physical healing to the people at the conference. The first person to receive a word was Alfie Fabe, who heard that God wanted to heal someone's left ear. John Webster immediately raised his hand, indicating he had a hearing loss in that ear, and could not hear certain frequencies. So Bret had Alfie pray for John. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the hearing loss (only certain frequencies), it was impossible to test to see if the Lord had healed it. The next person saw a toe.. and sure enough there was a woman with an injured toe.. who was in pain even as the word of knowledge was released. Bret had both women come up, and had the one pray for the other. The power of God hit her, and she went down... and stayed down for quite a while. When she eventually got up, the pain was totally gone. Another person had a word for back pain.. needless to say a lot of people came forward for that, and most of them were healed. Many words were released through the folks there that morning, and there were a great deal of healings. People were activated into the prophetic. It was awesome!

One lady had a word for sinus colds.. and believe it or not, several were healed during that. I expected that the Lord would heal Bret, but no such luck. After the anointing wore off, Bret was very sick... We had plans to go to parliament to meet with the heads of the African Christian Democratic Party that afternoon. Bret asked to be excused so he could just go home and rest and try to "sleep it off". Since he was so sick, John and I suggested the say home from the evening session as well and just concentrate on getting better.

What Bret did not know was that the Friday morning session had been a strong confirmation to me of what God had instructed me to do for the Friday evening session. I had already prepared a teaching for Friday night, but late on Thursday night, the Lord instructed me to change it.. He wanted to have this sort of prophetic sampler activation thing instead, where many people from the conference would be allowed to come up and minister propheticly. The thought sort of scared me a bit.. that type of thing seemed ok for an afternoon workshop, but did God really want me to do it for the evening session? He told me He did, so I stayed up most of the night reworking my plans and seeking Him. The one area I'd not planned to cover was words of knowledge for physical healings.. and Bret covered that in the afternoon session. What a confirmation for me.

Since Bret was sick, John and Steve and Heather and I headed for the National Parliament offices. We had an appointment with Kenneth Meshoe, the head of the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP). I had been sitting in my room a bit before we were to leave, and asking the Lord what He would have me say to Kenneth. God gave me a word that He was giving Kenneth a quick discernment of who was for him and who was against him... that some who appeared to be enemies really weren't and that some who appeared to be allies and on his side had their own agenda. God was going to identify quickly for Kenneth those who were for him and those who were against him, those who he could trust and those he must be leery of. I had been pondering that word. I also had with me in my hand two words that members of the prophetic-school list had given for the nation of South Africa. We were ushered into his office and I began to realize just how important of a man he was.. and begin to feel intimidated. We small talked for a few minutes and then John began to give him a very strong and very detailed prophetic word. I listened to the detail and caliber of John's word and wondered why on earth I had thought myself as having a word from the Lord for an important politician like Kenneth Meshoe. I had a change of strategy and decided to be silent.. but of course God would not let me. I found myself giving the word the Lord had given me. Then we all prayed. During that time, we all prayed for Kenneth and for South Africa, and Kenneth (who is a very strong Christian) also prayed for John and I. When it was over, there was this long moment of silence as we all waited on the Lord.

"Teresa," God said, "Read him the prophecy about the tractors."

"Oh God," I argued silently, "Do I have to? I don't want to make a fool of myself if I've heard you wrong."

"Teresa, I thought you were committed to obey Me." Well, that got me. I wanted to remain quiet and let John take the lead, but how could I intentionally disobey God? So I shared briefly how we had an internet prophetic school and how a few of the students on that school had sent in prophetic words for South Africa. I asked Kenneth if I could briefly share one of them, and then read the word Mark Kaphaem had sent:

As I have been praying for South Africa The Lord gave me a vision.

I saw tractors everywhere at work in South Africa. Some were breaking up the soil and turning it over so that it became dark and rich. Other tractors were digging furrows that ran deep into the ground. The tractors were huge and as they passed they shook the Earth around them. I see many towers falling over and being broken up by the tractors.

I feel the Lord is digging deep into the hearts and minds of the people of South Africa. He is turning over the way they view themselves and the country they live in. He says I am not represented by any culture on the Earth, but there are expressions of me in all. South Africa will be known for Joy, for taking pleasure in my in my ways. I will give them freedom to once again be children, and dance around Me, as I shower them with my love, and tell them of my pleasure in the hearts of my children.

There is a new song coming to South Africa. Listen for it in the worship of my people. Yes South Africa, you are my people, and I will give you a song of your own, that you will sing to me when I have brought you into my Kingdom. Release the singers, out of their worship a river will flow. I will pour it deep from their bellies and it will flow out over the nation. My river is Healing, My river of Love, come to my River, let it wash over you now. Open your spirits, open your souls, drink deep of My River, My River of Love. It comes to you now. My River of Love. Let it wash over you now, My River of Love. Let it wash over you now, My River of Love.

Time was tight for Kenneth, as his wife was meeting him and he had to leave for a convention. But he asked me to leave him a copy of that word. As we were leaving, he said to John and I, "Please let me know when you will be coming back to South Africa." Both John and I felt blessed and honored.

After that, Steve and Heather took us to meet and minister to some other Members of National Parliament (roughly the equivalent of US Senators) from the ACDP party. I really enjoyed Cheryllyn Dudley. She was easy and fun to talk to, and obviously on fire for the Lord. She shared a few ways the Lord had been using her in parliament.. and God's hand and wisdom and anointing were clearly on her. We were just enjoying ourselves and talking when suddenly the Lord impressed me to pray for her. I asked her if that would be ok, and she was happy to receive prayer. I sort of expected the Lord would give me a word for her, but instead His power just exploded all over her. I am not sure precisely what happened, but it was very powerful. She is definitely a woman who God's favor and wisdom and power rest on.

Eventually we ended up at Steve Swart's office. Steve and Louise are people I'd met and grown to love on my previous trip to South Africa in April. At that time, Steve had been a lawyer on staff with Michael Lewis (one of the party's leading politicians). Steve had since run for National Parliament and been elected. He is a very dear man, who sparkles with the Lord's love and joy as well as being a man of strong integrity and character. I really like Steve and Louise.. I think of them as friends and am very comfortable with them. Of course, Steve wanted us (John and I) to minister to him and we were delighted to do so.

Our time at parliament was the main highlights of the trip for John. It was also very high on my list, but my own top personal highlight of the trip came on Friday night.

I was to speak that night. The Lord told me to put away the teaching I'd prepared and to do a sort of activation night... a "prophetic sampler" .. we had various folks from the conference come up and minister propheticly in various ways. First I invited those led of the Lord to read specific passages of scripture, propheticly sharing God's heart with us. Next I invited those that the Lord had given prophetic intercessory prayers to. After that, I invited up those those who had corporate words. Then we did an activation where everyone paired off and sought the Lord for a blessing for their partner. After that John did some personal prophecy. We ended by inviting those who wanted an impartation for hearing God's voice clearly and for moving at whatever level of the prophetic the Lord is releasing them at to come forward. John and I laid hands on them and imparted into them. It was a fun evening for me.. I got to MC the evening as various folks were activated in the prophetic.

The highlight of the evening was when this one very shy woman came up with a prophetic intercessory prayer. She was so timid I thought she was going to faint. But she prayed and the Lord annointed her prayer. Then, after she was done, I felt "led" to keep her on stage for a few seconds and ask for a show of hands of those who felt her prayer had ministered directly to them. About a dozen or so hands went up, all sitting in the same area of the room. I pointed to the hands and said, "See those hands? Your prayer really was prophetic." First she had a surprised look on her face and her eyes got really wide. Then this strength began to pour into her as she realized that she had really prayed propheticly. The timidity went away and a confidence appeared in it's place. The Lord whispered to me "Good! Now she knows I will really use her."

Saturday was a "day off" in terms of conference sessions. It turned out that each team member needed the day to do various things.. for instance, I needed the time to prepare my sermon for Sunday morning. I also found some time to go shopping with Heather... just some relax time. That evening another meeting was scheduled with a group of pastors and leaders (a different group than the previous Saturday's meeting).

We assumed the evening meeting would be just like the other one.. we'd just prophecy to everyone there. But God had other plans. It started with a time of mixing and fellowship. I was asked to repeat a joke (it had been a very big success) that I'd shared on Friday night because many of the folks at the meeting had not been there for it. So I told the story of how John and Bret took me fishing and how they walked on water... I am going to leave you in suspense.. you can purchase the tapes if you really want to hear it . Then I shared another joke or two, then one of the evangelists began sharing some jokes, then John told some "bell ringer" jokes. It was turning into an evening of fun and fellowship. We had some refreshments and then we came back together and shared a bit. At one point I asked if the evangelists could lay hands on me and impart that gift to me. John said that he would like that as well, and shared how last night he had seen the faces of some in the audience that were unsaved, he knew propheticly which ones were saved and which were not, but it never occurred to him to give an altar call. He was excited about the concept of the "marriage" of evangelism and the prophetic. So all the evangelists laid hands on John, Bret and me to impart. After that one of the evangelists asked us to impart the prophetic to him. John prayed for him and after that the three of us prayed for an impartation of the prophetic for everyone in the room. Finally, we prophecied a bit. We did not prophecy to everyone there, but we did not need to.. God was doing a different type of thing.

John had an incredibly strong and accurate word for one of the leading pastors of the city. It included a word of knowledge of a health problem that the man had just been diagnosed with (and no one except his wife knew about it yet). The Lord appears to have healed him. Bret had a few words of knowledge for healings. I got a sort of weird one.. my hand began to tingle and the Lord told me to find the person with the tingling hand and minister to them.. so I asked and sure enough one lady (a singer) had a tingling hand. I began to prophecy to her, and then prayed for her.. and God's power hit her. Then an odd thing happened.. her hands began to shine (as if they were coated in oil or something).. but they remained dry. Once she got up off the floor, she spent the rest of the evening looking at her hands.. they had never done that before. I am not sure what the Lord was doing there, but I think it had to do with an impartation of anointing.. for healing and for the miraculous.

After the meeting ended, no one wanted to leave. I went across the room to the woman with the glowing hands. We were talking and another woman walked past. The Lord led me to grab her and pray for her and prophecy to her.. so I did. The joy of the Lord broke out on her and she began to laugh and laugh. This joy was highly contagious. I had her take hands with those near her.. soon we had a group of about 7 or 8 woman who were seriously drunk in the spirit and full of His joy... and these were not people who would normally do something like that.. but God met them and blessed them.

Another of John's highlights came on Sunday night, the last night of the conference. John was the speaker that night.. he did an excellent teaching and then did a lot of personal prophecy. The Lord pointed out an unsaved woman to John and told him that He was calling her into His kingdom. So, John got to move in prophetic evangelism. John called her up to minister to her and told her how God was inviting her into the kingdom and led her to the Lord right there in the middle of prophetic ministry!

This trip was a growing and learning experience for me. I got to teach, impart and do real ministry. But the Lord was also using it to teach me and to stretch me and to spark me in my confidence in moving in ministry. For instance, on the last Sunday morning, I was asked to speak at Restoration Community Center, a church of about 100. John was speaking at another church and Bret was speaking at the conference. Now, everyone who knows me knows I am a teacher, not a motivational preacher. But the Lord informed me that He wanted me to preach propheticly that Sunday. So I asked Him to give me a customized message for that church. He gave me some scriptures and the general idea of where we were going. As we were worshipping, the Lord gave me words for three people, so I gave them before I started to preach.. I figured it would be easier that way because I would not have to remember them ... after I finished prophecying, I got up and preached!!! The Lord filled my mouth and it went very well. I sounded a lot like Bret (who is a very powerful motivational preacher). I was so amazed that I (Teresa) was preaching like that. My only regret was that Bret was not there to hear me.. but he was busy preaching at the conference. I did some personal prophecy ministry after I was done preaching, then had a ministry time of impartation and laying on of hands. Then, after all that was done, the pastor asked me to pray for him and the Lord gave me a very powerful word for him.. and at the end I asked those who wanted to share the pastor's vision and stand behind him and support him in what God was calling him to do to come up and pray for him .. almost the entire church came forward. It was a great experience for me doing prophetic preaching!! (MORE, LORD!!! <grin>)

After the Sunday morning service, some people from the church had me over for lunch. It was a delightful time for me, lots of fun fellowship and sharing. They wanted to bless me in a special way... and the Lord (He has such a sense of humor) set me up for it bigtime. I had been having problems styling my hair that day, so I pulled it back in a ponytail. When I got to their house for lunch, shortly after the service was over, I pulled the ponytail out and mentioned that I was having a "bad hair day". The woman all started smiling and nudging each other and laughing. One of them told me that they wanted to bless me by washing my hair and styling it for me. At first I thought they were teasing me, but I soon found out they really meant it. They were hairdressers, and on Saturday afternoon they had decided to do this for me when I was over for lunch on Sunday. (Now, was that a divine set-up, or what!)

One woman, Cheryl, washed my hair for me. The whole time she kept telling me how much she appreciated the team and how the conference had ministered to her. She shared a bit of how God had touched her personally in the conference. Then another woman blew my hair dry, styling it "smartly". She also shared with me how God had been ministering to her. I felt so pampered and so blessed. When I got back to the conference on Sunday night, everyone commented on how nice my hair looked.

So many people came up to give me feedback on how God had ministered to them during the conference. I was incredibly blessed by all the good reports. Many people experienced personal breakthroughs during the conference. But even more exciting than that, they were beginning to hear God's voice for themselves. At the end of the conference, I was once again mobbed by people who wanted to talk to me. Many of them grabbed me and kissed me. Some hugged me and cried. Person after person came up with stories of how they invited God to use them (something I challenged them to do in Thursday afternoon), and He did! They were excited that God had spoken clearly to them and used them so rapidly! I was excited too.. and blessed!

I must close with a "trip home story" .. John flew home on Monday evening, Sept 20, so that he could be home for his daughter's birthday. Bret and I flew home the following day. We had been staying at different places, so we met at the airport. Steve and Heather took me to the airport and we arrived early. I got in line to check my bags while Steve and Heather waited for me. At one point I turned and looked behind me. Some people were standing there. They were pleasant and smiling. I sort of smiled and nodded and said "hi" and turned my attention back to the line.. then it started occurring to me that these people looked very familiar. So I turned and looked at them again. It was Clive and Cheryl (who had me to their home for lunch that Sunday) and the Pastor and his wife (Willie and Nel). They had come to the airport to see me off. How sweet! They greeted me with hugs and after my bags were checked, we stood around talking. About then, Bret arrived with a group that was seeing him off as well.. including the pastor and his wife (John and Constance Higgans) who he had been staying with and their two teenage daughters. We were all standing in a large group talking and fellowshipping. About then Kirk Franklin walked up to say hi to Bret and me. Bret saw him and smiled.. then he told the John's teenage daughter that Kirk Franklin was standing behind her. Bret had already gained quite a reputation as a tease, so she refused to believe him or to turn around and look. About then I greeted Kirk, surpised that he was on the flight back with us as well as the flight out. The teenage daughter turned around and began to scream. Pretty soon the whole group who had come to see us all off were surrounding Kirk and asking him for autographs and pictures. He was such a good sport about it, and so sweet to them. One did not have a camera with her, so she asked Kirk to go to the photo machine (just down the hall) with her. He smiled, shrugged, and did so. Bret and I exchanged glances.. we knew Kirk was going out of his way to be nice to them, and they were so blessed. Kirk had done a concert at a large church in Capetown on Monday night, but so many people had tried to come to it that many had to be turned away, including John's two teenage daughters. So it was an incredible thrill for them to meet Kirk at the airport... I guess you might say God arranged a special blessing for them. And Kirk was such a good sport. After we got throught airport security to the departing passanger's longue, we apologized to Kirk for the way our group had treated him.. but he was totally a good sport about it, giving the glory to the Lord and saying that what they were attracted to was only Christ shining through him. I was again impressed with his sweet character, and am planning to stop by the Christian book store this weekend and pick up one of his albums so I can hear what his music sounds like...

God did so much on this trip, and it would be next to impossible to share all of it with you. So much of it has gone unsaid.. such as the incredible use of Christian arts during the worship.. singers, dancers, mime groups, banner processions... all very anointed. It is impossible to share with you the level of anointing that was there or the frequent sense of the tangible presense of the Lord... the freedom and joy released in worship, the victory and overcoming released in individual lives, etc. But I hope this report gives you a flavor of what God did there. It was an incredible honor and blessing for all of us on the team to be allowed to do with the Father the many wonderful things He was doing there!


- teresa

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