Personal Testimonies: God Provides Airfare

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God Provides Airfare

(July 11, 1999)

A while ago Jane and Andy Fitz-Gibbon (two incredible people of God who walk by faith), had asked me to come be one of the speakers at their prophetic conference in September. The day I was going to get my airfare... to use Delta Frequent Flyer miles.... they sent me an email asking me to hold off on tickets for a bit, as they'd just lost there building. That left the conference up in the air. So I held off... and then last Saturday, God prompted me to purchase my tickets. I "knew" the conference was going to happen and that I needed to get my airfare... even though Jane and Andy had not yet told me this.

So I called the airlines.. and was shocked to find the airfare was about $700... I could fly to Europe for less. So I called Delta Airlines and tried to use my Frequent Flyer miles... and could not.. because they had no frequent flyer seats available on the flights I needed.

"What do I do now, Lord?" I asked.

"Call American Airlines,' the reply came.

I called them, figuring they would have a seat sale or something.. no such luck... the airfare was a tad cheaper .. only $660 dollars. Goodness, I had no idea airfare would be so expensive.

"Lord!! HELP!!!" I prayed silently.

Suddenly I was impressed to ask if they could check my frequent flyer card to see how many files I had on it.. I used to fly American on business trips about 18 years ago.. I haven't flown American much since then.. and had not put any flights in the past 10+ years on my American card. I could not imagine miles from way back then still being good. But I asked.

It turned out that I had just a few miles shy of 20,000 .. and they were still good. I asked them how many miles I needed for a free flight. The answer was what I expected..... 25,000.

"Well, I guess these miles won't do me any good, then" I replied.

"Oh," the lady said, "We have this special promotion going.. you can do " ... I forgot the exact term, but it was something like a 'shared fare' ... "where you give us One Hundred and Twenty Five Dollars and 20,000 Frequent Flyer miles, and you can fly any domestic flight."

Now I was about 40 miles shy of 20,000, but she said she'd round up. So I said.. "I'll take it!"

Then she said that she'd have to check.. cuz there might not be any seats on this flight this close (6 weeks) before the departure date. There actually weren't, but for some reason, she felt really impresed to try and help me. So she found a travel plan that would work on the days I needed to travel.. Flying in from San Francisco and back out to Oakland. (The trip home is a bit of a "killer" with two layovers and taking about 10.5 hours ... but for the price I can't complain. I am trusting the Lord to give me some divine appointments to make the trip home 'exciting'.)

So I called Jane to let her know how God had provided for me and that I had my tickets. She had exciting news for me too.. God had provided a place for them to meet, and the conference was definately on after all! As usual, God had met them in their walk of faith.

Can you immagine that!!! The going rate for airfare is about $700, but God arranged it for me for only $125.00. God makes an awesome travel agent!! And I love how He told me to buy the tickets the same day that He arranged a place for the conference to take place for Jane and Andy! (Is God smart, or what!!)

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