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Oil On Forehead

(Feb 3, 1999)

The GodSpeak ministry runs activations (prophetic-workshops) and personal prophecy sessions on irc.. well, recently we have been plagued by a hostile intruder and found it necessary to register for a channel so that we could regain control of our room from the intruder through a room control bot (called X or W) that the undernet provides to registered chatrooms.

Anyhow, Paul and I were working on registering this room all morning, exploring some techinal possiblities, etc. Suddenly I noticed something trickeling down my face.. like sweat running down my browl.. (only I was not hot). I wiped it away and it was oil. I thought that was weird, so I tried to wipe it away more thoroughly.. only I could not rub it away.. it kept coming from the center of my forehead.

About there I heard the phrase "Christ is Lord of the Internet" in my mind's ear. The oil would not wipe away. It was coming from the center of my forehead.. and my forhead is very oily from it, but the rest of my face is dry.. I typically have very dry skin.

I mentioned it to Paul (who was in his office in London as I was in my office in San Francisco).. we were talking by irc. We stopped and prayed and could both sense the Lord's presense. I mentioned to Paul that God must really like what we are doing. Then I had to run to the lady's room.. so I stopped and looked in the mirror.. the oil was so thing that you could see it .. even though I'd wiped it away several times.. it was a small oval shaped circle on the center of my forehead.

As I walked back to my office, I noticed that there was oil on my right palm... I figured it came from my forehead, so I tried to wipe it off.. only it would not wipe off either... it was not as think as the oil on my head, but it kept coming. Then my right hand started to burn.

About then the netscape server I was using to fill in the registeration form crashed.. I had just completed filling in the data but had not pushed the submit button yet... I was proof reading. Netscape never crashes on me. The burning in my hand increased and I heard the Lord say to me "It's just warare.. do it over". So I filled out the form a second time and submitted it... no hitches this time.

This is so weird, that was 10 minutes ago my right palm is still burning and there is still oil on my right palm and on my forehead.. in fact the oil on my forehad is still trickeling down my face a bit even right now.. kinda tickels a bit and I keep unconciously wiping it off and it keeps reappearing...

Opps.. now my palm is not oily any more, but my forehead still is.

I guess God is declaring His anointing on internet ministry?? This is outside of what I am used to experiencing...

- teresa
I don't know if this is related, but monday morning God told me to start fasting, and to day is day 3 of the fast... (Paul also told me, after I mentioned this to him, that God had him start a fast on monday as well.. so it was day 3 for both of us).

I am not really quite sure to make of all this.. but I still have the oil on my forehead... and it has a very faint smell that reninds me of the frankensense and myrr anointing oil I sometimes use in ministry.. only this is a much fainter/lighter smell.

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