Have Teresa Seputis Speak
In a Third-world nation

Many people have inquired how they can invite Teresa Seputis of GodSpeak International to speak at their church, their retreat, or how to host a conference or seminar with her. There are actually two different procedures, depending on whether or not your church is in a third-world mission field such as India, Africa, or Eastern Europe. This page explains how it works for those who are in a third world nation.

Churches/Organizations In Third-World Nations

Teresa is no stranger to ministering cross-culturally in third-world nations and has already ministered in many countries including India, Brazil, Botswana, Kazakhstan, Mozambique, Nigeria and Russia. These areas are usually marked by extreme poverty, lack of sanitary conditions and lack of modern conveniences.

GodSpeak International consider ministry in such countries as "Missions" work, therefore it usually underwrites the cost of transpertation from the United States to these countries. (Transportation from the United States is usually the largest cost in any missoins trip, so that is the cost that GodSpeak Covers.)

However, GodSpeak expects the local ministry to partner with them in outreach to their nation or local area. This means that the local ministry is expected to assume the in-country expenses for Teresa (housing, food, local-transportation) as well as the costs of advertizing and hosting the seminar, conference or outreach meetings. Please note that Teresa must be housed in simple western-conditions, incuding western sanitary standards for the food she eats and rooms with windows that close and air conditioning/heating depending on the climate.

Because GodSpeak is a Missions Organization, we sponsor short term overseas projects to facilitate and assist existing "on site" ministries. GodSpeak comes along side of an existing work, facilitates and builds up this work by training nationals, hosting conferences and other special events designed to draw people to hear the gospel. Our activities vary, depending on the needs of the existing ministry that we are working with. Our purpose is to come in for a short term with resources and aids to strengthen an existing ministry and make it more successful in doing Kingdom work. GodSpeak will not come to an area unless there is an existing work to handle follow-up and discipling of those impacted by the gospel. That is because it is our desire to make not only converts, but disciples, to assist men and women in walking into the fullness of all God has for them.

Teresa often customizes her material for the local needs of the area that she is coming to minister in. Her ministry typically includes praying for the sick and/or prophetic ministry in addition to proclaiming the gospel and doing outreach. However, you may also request one of Teresa's conferences. For more details on the conferences she offers, click here.

Inviting Teresa To Your Area

Typically GodSpeak sponsors only one trip per year (at most) to a new area, as we prefer to work with people who we have already established an ongoig relationship with. However, we do not want to rule out establishing new God-ordained connections.

The best approach to establishing a relationship for a trip is to write Teresa and share a little about why you would like her to come and minister in your area. Please include what God is doing in the area, what works you have already established and your vision for growth. The best email address to use will change shortly, but for now it is <ts@godspeak.org>.

Please note that GodSpeak's budget for ministering in new areas is limited, and there can be a two to three year delay (or longer) in having Teresa come on a missions trip to your area when you don't have some type of established relationship with her. If the Lord has blessed your church/ministry/work with suitale finances, you may want to cover part/all of her airfare. That will usually faciliate her being able to come to your area more promptly.