Prophetic Training
Conference Overview

The Prophetic Traiing Confernce includes both teaching and workshop (prophetic exercises or "activations"). This conference is training on the prophetic, so we assume that attendees as a pre-requisite already know how to hear God's voice.

This confernce will give attendees the opportunity to see and deliver actual prophetic words. It can be run on any of three levels:

  1. Beginner -- This conference starts with the basics and gets people who have not prophesied to give prophetic words. Note, there is differing levels of gifting on the prophetic. All believers can prophesy when the Spirit Of Prophecy is moving in a meeting, and attendees will learn to recognize when God is doing this and tap into it. However, not everyone attending the confernce will have the gift of prophecy or be in the office of prophet. (God is the one who decides who gets what gifting/calling as He wills.) Sometimes God imparts the gift of prophesy to hungry believers at this confernce. But this conference does not guarentee that each attendee will recieve the spiritual gift of prophecy or be commissioned into the office of prophet. All prophesy in this level will be kept to 1 Corthian 14 guidelines: to exhort and encourage and build up.

  2. Intermediate -- this confernce is for people who already have some experience in giving personal or corporate words, and who desire to grow in their gifting. It will help them learn to press into God for more details, for greater accuracy, and for increased anointing. It will spend some time looking at presentation, or how to give the word in the most effective manner. It will examine different delivery styles and help the attendee understand which styles are most appropriate for which type of words. This conference will help the attendee to understand which type of prophetic anointing they move in (there are many) and how to function more effectively within it. It will also help the attendee to flow more spontaneously in the prophetic.

  3. Advanced -- This confernce is for people who are able to prophesy 'on demand' and who have a track record of giving clear and accuate words. It will look at delivery style and how to make the word more effective by packaging it to accomplish God's primarly goal for this word. It will also examine warning and judgment words. We won't actually give those type of words in the conference, but we will give an understanding about them so that attendees are able to function effectively should God ask them to give that type of advanced word. This conference will focus on honing your gifting and fine-tuning the delivery style to give maximum effect and clarity to your words. It will also help you to better hone your listening skills so you can hear more indepth and anointed words.

The prophetic conferences are a bit less structured and more Spirit-led, so they are often more flexible in terms of the number of sessions required. Most prophetic conferences should be between three and five sessions.