Hearing God's Voice
Conference Overview

The Hearing God's Voice Confernce includes both teaching and workshop. That is right, workshop! Confernce attendees will actually be given opportunities to listen and hear God speak to them at the confernce. If hearing God's voice is only taught on a theoritical level, then most people will leave without learning to hear His voice more clearly. That is why we allow people to experience hearing God for themselves, expecting that this teaching will trainsform their life and walk with God. Along with each teaching, we also do listening/hearing exercises, called "Activations."

[We have actually had unsaved people attend these confernces and hear God speak to them and get converted because of their experience with God. For instance, in Capetown, South Africa, two unsaved ladiers were partners for a listening activation. Each of them asked God to speak to them for their partner, and He did. He told one lady, "Tell her partner, 'You need to invite Jesus into your life,'" and He told the other lady, "Your partner is going to tell you that you need to receive Jesus into your life. You do, but tell her that she also needs Jesus." As a result, I had the pleasure of leading both to the Lord that night, then getting them linked into a local church for followup and discipling.]

This conference is best done in 6 two-hour sessions (plus additional time per session for worship). However since many people prefer a Friday Night, Saturday (2 or 3 sessions) and possibly Sunday evening session, it is frequently adjusted to fit into fewer sessions.

The teaching will cover the following subjects:

In addition to the teaching and workshops, there is a time of impartation prayer at the end of one of the sessions.

Unsolicited feedback from attendees indicates that the average believer leaves this confernece being able to hear God speak to them siginficantly more clearly than they could before they attended it.