Spiritual Bootcamp
And Experiencing God
Conference Overview

The Spiritual Bootcamp And Experiencing God Confernce includes both teaching and practical ministry. Many people who participate in this confernce end up having some type of direct encounter with God during the course of this bootcamp.

The conference is designed to help attendees build increased intimacy with God. It defines the goal and then systematically address and remove the things that inhibit believers from reaching ths goal. Many people have found they have increased supernatural and intimate encounters with God as they remove the barriors that interferred in their relationship with Him. Some attendees have seen the Lord or angels appear to them, some have had open visons, others have had miraculous physical healings in their bodies even thought no one prayed explicitely for healing. Other attendees have gained an increased awareness of God's presence and leading in their day-to-day lives. Others have noticed increased personal freedom and joy in their day to day walk as a result of this conference.

However, we must point out that the confernece does not guarentee that any given attendee will have a supernatural encounter with God. Many do, because removing the hinderences in our walk increases the depth of our relationship with Him. But God is the one who will ultimately decide how/when to meet each of His own.

This confernces is most effective when done as an eight-session conference, where each session is two hours of teaching/ministry plus some worship time at the start of the session. (Sessions 1 and 2 can be combined into a single session if necessary, as can sessions 6 and 7, for a total of 6 sessions.) The sessions are as follows:

Session 1 -
The Goal: Friendship With God.
Session 2 -
Giving Jesus Lordship In Our Lives.
Session 3 -
Holiness (breaking the power of sin in our lives).
Session 4 -
Freedom From Condemnation (breaking the power of condemnation in our lives).
Session 5 -
Forgiveness (breaking the power of unforgiveness in our lives)
Session 6 & 7 -
Freedom From Opperssion (best as two sessions)
Session 8 -
Experiencing God (no teaching, all ministry and corporate seeking God)