Words for October 2010

10-05-10 "Rest In The Lord", Psalm 37
10-06-10 "Abiding Under His Shadow", Psalm 91
10-07-10 "Searched And Known", Psalm 139
10-11-10 "Sitting With Jesus", Submitted by Lisa Marie Thorstad [jesuslives@acsalaska.net]
10-12-10 "Be Still And Listen!", Submitted by Rose Provencher [rosieproven@yahoo.com]
10-13-10 "My Abode", Submitted by Wendy Graham [wendy4c@primus.ca]
10-14-10 "Whispers", Submitted by Lynn Kofler [koflerlynn@yahoo.com]
10-15-10 "Come Up Here", Submitted by Mitzi Busby [mitzibusby12@gmail.com]