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Words for December 2007

12-10-07 "I Am Actively At Work In Your Life", Submitted by Teresa Seputis []
12-11-07 "Get Out of Jail Free", Submitted by Taylor Woodard []
12-12-07 "Give Me Your Scarlet Letter", Submitted by Ray Puen []
12-13-07 "Let Me Be The Judge", Submitted by Yolanda Ballard []
12-14-07 "In The Fullness Of Time", Submitted by Steve Bliss []
12-17-07 "A Time For Victory", Submitted by Teresa Seputis []
12-18-07 "Time For Freedom", Submitted by Mitzi Busby []
12-19-07 "Recieving", Submitted by Steve Bliss []
12-20-07 "My Prayer For You", Submitted by Rick Kerr []
12-21-07 "My Love For You", Submitted by Judy Rohde []
12-24-07 "Center Yourself", Submitted by Laura Strack []
12-25-07 "What I Want For Christmas", Submitted by Teresa Seputis []
12-26-07 "Follow Me", Submitted by Lois smith []
12-27-07 "Press In", Submitted by Judy Rohde []
12-28-07 "I Am", Submitted by Alice Currah []
12-31-07 "I Am Able" Submitted by Don Froess [] -->