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This word is submitted by John Bullard (john.r.bullard@lmco.com)


Drawing Close

There comes a point where you must make a choice:
Will you draw near to me and listen to My voice?
You will decide just how close we will be,
I have come to you. Will you draw close to me?

I'm looking for a temple that is holy and pure,
Where my presence can reside safe and secure.
Don't look at the outside, but look at your spirit,
Is there a throne where I can come and sit?

I'm calling you out; wanting you to be special,
For I long to bless you, more than I can tell.
Don't run from me; Oh, please don't run away,
Forget the past; let me guide you in a new way.

Listen to My voice, for I am calling out to you,
Come into my presence so I can commune with you.
I long to love you and give you part of myself,
To use you and take you off the traditional shelf.

Draw near my children, let me help you to grow,
I want to tell you secrets that only I would know.
Don't be afraid to come up to my Holy Mountain,
I'll greet you next to my living water fountain.

May we all draw close to Him...
John Bullard