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Date: May 17, 2006

This word is submitted by Wendy Logan (Nebiyah20@charter.net)


I want you to be invisible. I want you to totally die to self. I want to be
so clean that there is none of you left. I want for you to be so saturated
in Me and I in you that you radiate My presence. When people look at you I
want them to see Me, and know there is something different.  I want this
for all My children, not just you. I desire transparency. All of Me and less
of you.

When you make yourself transparent to the world I will show up with My glory
manifesting in you. Your transparency will turn into a Shekinah glory.  All
will become as one mind and accord. It will be My mind, My thoughts, My
heart and My power.  You will seek after, and when you seek you shall find.
When those who seek My glory and not self-gratification, My presence and
My glory shows up.

Give up your old ways of thinking and put on the mind of Christ. Take off
your old outer garments. I will give you a new wine skin for new wine. You
need to have the whole armor of God to get through.

Transparency is being able to see through you and see straight into ME. Ask
for transparency and work towards it.

Transparency is not easy, but those who carry transparency their shadows will
heal the sick, cast out demons, make the lame walk and the blind see, deaf
hear, and healing to the wounded. How can this happen if all you see is your
own problems, your own agendas and your own thoughts. This is all about Me.
There are few that will make it to the next level: the level of transparency.

Dying to flesh is the first step into walking into transparency. Its hard but
worth it. Transparency is hard but let Me show you how it works.