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Date: Oct 28, 2002

This word is submited by Teresa Seputis


 	I Have Not Given You The Spirit Of Fear

When the spirit of fear comes upon you, rebuke it, for it is not 
from Me.   I interact with My children from the orientiation of 
love, and perfect love casts out all fear.  My children do not
have to be afraid of Me, for I am a good God and a loving Father.
My heart and My plans for each child of Mine is good.  I do not
desire for My little ones to be afraid of the circimstances that come 
their way.  I desire to permiate you in My supernatural peace that 
passes all undestanding.  I want to put a faith and an assurnace 
in your heart that I am able to provide, that I am in control even 
when the circumstnaces look overwhelming, and that I work My glory 
in all things that concern My faithful servants.  You do not have to
be afraid of the future, for I hold your future in My hand and My
plans and desires for you are for good.  Trust Me and know that
I will take care of you.

Child, did you know that you have control of your heart?  I offer
you supernatural peace, but it is your choice to receive it.  I do
not force My peace upon you against your wishes.  Rather I offer
it to you as a gift, one that you can accept or one that you can 
choose to reject.

The enemy tries to force a spirit of fear upon you.  He controls by
deceit and lies and he desires to sow seeds of fear and intimidation
into you.  His plans for you are to kill, steal and destroy, and he
wants to make you terrified of what he had planned. But know this,
your enemy can plan and scheme for your harm, but he cannot carry
out his plans against you when I raise a standard against it.  You
do not have to fear the enemy, he does not have power and control --
I do.

Child, choose which you will receive.. My pece or the enemy's fear.
Both have been offered to you, and you will embrace one or the other.
Child, put your trust in Me and embrace My peace.

Your enemy wants to make you afraid of Me.   Do not fear My rejection
or My displeasure.  For I say to you that, no matter what you have
done in the past, if you will come to me with a contrite heart, with
a spirit of repentence and a heart to obey -- I will not cast you 
away.  I will not reject you.  Rather I will receive you with 
open arms.  I will apply the blood of My Son to your case and you
will be made fully righteous by what He accomplished for you on 
Calvary. Do do not fear to run to Me.  It is much more terrifying 
to run away from Me in rebellion or shame than to run to Me in 
submission and repentance.  Do not be afraid to return to Me.  If you 
come to me with a repentent heart, I will not cast you away.

Child of Mine, do not be afraid of My chastening.   It is true that I 
correct those who I love. But I do not chastize to punish and to pour 
out My vengence.  I say to you that judgement is reserved for My Son 
to make on that last day, when all are called into account before My 
presence.  My chastizement is NOT My judgement.  I do not judge you to 
punish you for your shortcomings or wrong choices.  Rather I bring 
loving correction to set you on the right path, to show you the way in 
which you should go.  Like a boat that is off-course, I change your 
direction and set you on the right path.  My heart is not to cause you 
pain, it is to cause you to excell.  It is to empower you to do well all 
that I have given you to do.  Think of My correction as minor adjustments 
to cause you to go in the right direction and to succeed in all you do. 
For that is My heart and My desire for you.

Child of Mine, I have given you great authority. You have been given
authority over the lies and fear strategies of the enemy.  But you must
choose to exercise that authority, or it will not do you any good.  You 
must choose to rebuke the spirit of fear when it attacks you.  You must 
choose to believe the truth of My love for you; and that will case out 
all fear of rejection and disqualification that the enemy throws at you.  
You must choose to believe in My protection and trust in My care and 
provision; that will break the fear of the future that the enemy tries 
to traummatize you with.

Child of Mine, My love for you is perfect and it casts out all fear.
Do not choose to receive fear unto yourself.  Look to Me, trust in 
Me, and fear not!