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Date: Oct 3, 2002

This word is submitted by Elvi Glass (yael062005@yahoo.com)


                       Continue to Persevere
                       (A word for Leaders)

Behold I am your defender for I have appointed you a leader of My people.

Do not despair. The difficulties in your life are doors to increased 
authority and opportunities.  For the testing of your faith develops 
perseverance and perseverance brings the maturity that you will need
to lead and equip my people.

Those who would speak against you are filled with jealousy because of 
what I am doing in your life.  Know this, what is spoken against you in 
injustice is spoken against Me and I will defend My afflicted. 

In this new season you will see some who call themselves leaders apart 
from their positions. As I have brought the fire to reveal true spiritual 
things in their lives, the testing of their faith revealed that their 
hearts are not fully committed to Me. I will no longer accept an impure 
bride. Those who lead My bride must walk in My righteousness and holiness. 

But you, who seeks Me above all else and leads My people with the fear 
of the Lord upon you, continue to draw near to Me with a sincere heart
in full assurance of faith.  Continue to lead My people with a heart 
devoted to Me and My purposes.  And know that all good things come from 
Me. As you look unto Me and count on My moving on your behalf, you will 
see the heavens part and My blessings flow in great measure upon you and
your household. 

Yes, there will continue to be those who will point fingers and sneer at 
you because you speak My truth.  They sneer because their itching ears do 
not hear you say what they want to hear.  But know that I have put My words 
into your mouth.  And know that I am taking you by your hand, leading you 
into the right direction.  The hunger and thirst birthed in your spirit 
regarding those you lead is from Me.  The hunger and thrist in your spirit 
regarding spiritual matters is from Me. I am bringing you into a new level 
of authority.  For a greater level of authority is required for you to be 
able to stand against the forces of the enemy.

Now go and live your life with the full assurance that I am with you and 
that My hand is upon you.