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Date: Jan 31, 2005

This word is submitted by Teresa Seputis (ts@GodSpeak.org)


                         Use It!

Do not be afraid to use that which I have given you, for I put My 
treasure in earthen vessels.  You will never feel worthy enough or 
qualified enough to carry that treasure -- because it has never 
been about glorifying you or lifting you up.  I release My gifts 
into My body that I might glorify My name through My people.

Your adversary the devil is quick to tell you how unqualified and
unworthy you are to move in the giftings and anointings that I have 
placed within your life.  In one sense he speaks truth, but it is a 
distorted truth. It is true that you can never be worthy in your 
own merit -- for any work of man apart from the blood of My Son is 
like filthy rags to Me.  

But you are not under your own merit, you are under the blood of My 
Son.  He has purchased your cleansing and your justification. You
are of great value because of the great price that He has paid, and 
you are of great value because of the great love that your God holds 
for you.  My Son has made you accepted in the beloved. He has made 
you worthy, so you do not need to make yourself worthy.  

You can never qualify yourself to move with Me in My glory -- but 
that is okay because I have already qualified you.  I have already 
placed My Spirit within you and I have already placed My anointing 
upon you.  I have already called you and chosen you to be My witness. 
I have already placed spiritual gifts within you and I am already at 
work in you to develop and mature you in all that I have given you 
to do.

Do not be afraid to embrace what I have already placed within you. 
Do not fight Me in these things, but cooperate with Me.  Submit to Me 
and allow Me to glorify My name through you.  

Rejoice in the gifting and anointing that I have placed within you, 
for it has given Me much joy and much satisfaction to put it in you.  
Now make My joy even more full by using the things that I have given 
you -- use them to glorify My name and to accomplish My purposes on 
this earth.