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Date: Jan 25, 2005

This word is submitted by Deborah Thomas (leadebithomas@hotmail.com)


     Windows Of Heaven

The windows of heaven are open,
My blessings are raining down.
Lift up your hands to receive them,
I'll remove all your tears and your frown.

I'll give you a joy everlasting,
My mercies are new every morn.
Come to the River of Life, child,
Drink deeply of Me, for I've borne.

Every disease, every sickness,
I've removed every curse, and all shame.
I've provided all that you'll ever need,
Just call on My mighty Name.

I Am the Master, the Potter,
I Am your strength and your light.
I Am the Way in the darkness,
I Am your song in the night.

Enter My Presence, my loved one.
Fear not to make your abode
In the Holy of holies,
Where awaits you treasures untold.

Trust in My promises for you,
I have a plan for your life.
One with great hope and a purpose, 
One with great joy, without strife,

For I will carry your burdens.
Give them to Me, every one;
What I've started in you, I'll complete.
The victory's already been won.