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Date: Jan 16, 2006

This word is submitted by Teresa Seputis (ts@godspeak.org)


                        My Qualifications

There is coming a heightened intensity in what I am doing in the power
and anointing that I am going to release in through My own.  This is
truly a season where "whosoever will" can get on board with Me and be
set strategically into place.  I will pour my power and my anointing
on those who are willing.  I will work My glory in them and perform My
purposes through their lives.

Many who have been disqualified in the eyes of man will find that I have
not disqualified them.  Many who have given up hope of ever amounting to
anything in My kingdom shall have their hope restored.  Even some who hardly
know Me and who have fundamental misunderstandings about My nature will
come to Me.  I will not reject them. Instead I will teach them of Myself
and I will reveal My ways to them.  Some who are ensnared in the oppression
and bondages of the enemy will come to Me and I will set them free.  Then
I will set them in place to bring my liberty to others.

I am going to groom and raise up many who will come to Me and yield to My
will.  However, some people who seem like obvious choices will be passed
by-- some who seem like the "most likely to succeed" in My work will not
be able to turn the race because their hearts and motivations not yielded
to Me.  Others who seem like unlikely candidates will rise up through the
ranks.  I will glorify My name through them and people will be forced to
look at them differently, to pay attention to what I begin to say and do
through them.  For it is through the humble and yielded vessels that I will
manifest My glory to the nations.

I am opening My people's eyes and ears in these days, and I am revealing
Myself to them.  I am drawing near to those who are willing and allowing
them to enter My presence and taste of My glory.  The "qualifications of
man" will become less important as My agenda becomes more apparent.  The
true qualification--headedness and obedience to My Spirit--will begin
to dominate My church and My people will be transformed.

This is the time and season where I am actively looking for those who have
hearts that are committed and yielded to Me.  As My people yield to My
control and obey My direction, I will pour My Spirit and My anointing
upon them.  I will work through them to glorify My name and to advance
My kingdom.

Child of Mine, do you want to participate with Me in this?  My criteria
and qualifications are simple: just commit to obey Me and yield to My
will in all things.  Will you yield to Me and allow Me to use you for My