Prophetic-School Words: Renewal Vision

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Renewal Vision (by Barry Linville)

Originally from: "Barry Linville" (
Originally dated: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 18:52:09 -0600

Vision seen/Interpretation & Application given at
The Tent of Meetings, Springfield MO USA, September 22, 1996

The Vision

While worship was going on, I saw a great rainbow-hued Curtain of Fire stretching from the heavens to the earth. It was traveling across land looking much as the land does here in the Ozarks right now and burning everything in its path. Everything was consumed; everything behind it was black, no color or life was visible in its wake. Coming behind the Curtain of Fire, across the black barren land, was the Cloud of His Presence. Water was pouring out of the lower half of the Cloud like a huge heavenly sprinkler system. The Water of the Spirit was flowing in many streams, soaking and drenching the burnt land. Light was streaming from the upper half of the Cloud. The Light of the Son of God was shining on the well-watered, but burnt soil. As the Cloud passed over the land, new growth began to appear. I could see it growing faster than normal, like time-lapse photography. The vegetation was greener, lusher, and more fruitful than it had formerly been. I asked the Lord what this meant and this is what He said:

The Interpretation

This is a picture of what I am doing in this meeting, in the lives of the people here, in the Church in this area and throughout the world. The people here are in different places in this process. Everyone is not going through the same part at the same time. It is important for the Church to know what I am doing so that faith to receive may be released. The Church needs to know the plans I have for them so that hope may increase and not be drained from them.

The Application

Then the Lord spoke to me about the following parts of His moving in these days and gave encouragements and warnings for the Church as we move (individually and corporately) through them.

Those who have not had their lives changed yet. (Pre-Fire)

There are those of you for whom nothing has changed. God has seemingly not "touched" you yet. You can look around and see many others being ministered to, many others whose lives are changing, many others who are claiming to have been touched by God; but not you. You may tend to think God has forgotten you, that He doesn't care about you, or that you have done something so bad that He has "written you off". You may be so comfortable with life as it is now, that you see no reason for any of these changes that seem to be happening in other people's lives.

The Lord would say to you,

Be prepared. Do not assume that the current (comfortable or uncomfortable) state of your life is yours to live in permanently. The Lord is coming as a Curtain of Fire to sweep over your life and burn up the impurities, the imperfections, the sin. Be prepared. Be waiting. Be ready to accept His Good Fire into your life! It is coming and though painful, is both necessary and good. If you are discontent with the state of your life now, take heart, He is coming to change you, to conform you into the image of His Son. What high honor He has prepared for you! Take heart! If you are content with the state of your life now, begin to loosen your grip on your life and be ready to give it up to Him when He calls. Know that this may not be easy, but His grace is available to enable you.

Those who are experiencing the purifying/burning/cleansing of the Lord. (In the Fire)

Change is beginning. God is coming and touching you with His conviction of sin, His testing of your life and faith. This is the painful stage of His changing you. He is burning that which is not produced by Him from your life. He is dealing with personal things; habits, attitudes, actions, rebellion, fear, reluctance, pride, foolishness, etc. This is a painful time, one which you would wish to avoid or break and run away from. God is touching you, but you probably don't like it!

The Lord would say to you,

Relax! This fire, this cleansing of your life is both necessary and good for you! You are not being punished, you are being disciplined, cleansed, trained for both your good and the good of the Kingdom. Yes, the pain hurts. But you cannot avoid the pain, you cannot change this good work of God in your life; if, in fact, you love Him and are following after Him. Do not fight against the Fire! Relax, receive His fire, cooperate with His good work in you and the abundant grace of God will provide all you need to make it through this time. In terms of eternity, this time of "burning" is very short. Be prepared for the burnt, desert which will come next.

Those who have been through the painful time of His cleansing and now it seems as if there is nothing left of you. (Post-Fire, Desert)

You've been through the Curtain of Fire, and it seems as though God didn't spare anything. You may feel empty and barren, ignored by God, left alone in this dry, difficult time of your life. God may have removed friends, family, relationships, jobs, homes, health, etc. in the Fire and you are wondering if there is anything left to build a life from. You may identify with Job, "Where is God?" and David, "How long, O God, How long will you wait?" Much of what you valued in life may be gone. You are crying out to God with seemingly no answer being heard.

The Lord would say to you,

Hang on! Persevere! Hold on! I am on the Way! The Cloud of My Presence is soon to come. The "Watering of My Spirit", the "Light of My Son" are almost there. Do not despair! Realize that He is teaching you that your only hope in life is Him! That He, and He alone, is your Portion in the land of the living. He has brought you to this place in your life so that you will run to Him for everything, that your dependence will be established in Him. There is nothing in this life that will sustain you but Him.

Those who are being wonderfully touched by the grace, mercy, love and joy of Jesus. (In the Cloud)

You are receiving the "Watering of the Spirit" and the "Light of the Son" in your life. Life is one long party with God. He is wonderful, He is awesome, you have never loved Him so much in all your life. He is healing you, blessing you, bringing precious people into your life. Church meetings are joyous, giddy experiences with you. You see clearer, walk lighter, the air is fresher than ever in your life. His refreshing, restoring, renewing are evident in your life. Everybody should be experiencing what you are! You have finally found the secret to the Christian Life!

The Lord would say to you,

Receive, receive, receive, receive, receive, receive, receive and then receive some more! Drink His water! Soak up His goodness poured out upon you! Play in the light of His Son! Enjoy life as He pours it into you! Burst forth with thanksgiving, praise, and worship to your Father. Don't try to leave this season too soon. Stay and receive as long as He is watering and shining on you. Invite others to the party. Don't be selfish with His grace, share it with others. This season will not continue forever (much as you might like for it to) and you need every blessing that Lord Jesus is pouring out on you for the next part of His plan for your life. Again, don't leave this season until He does! But don't try to stay here when it is time to move along.

Those who have been moved out of the "renewing" of the Lord and are now back to steady growth, increased service, and contentment in the Lord. (Post-Cloud, What He did all this for)

Life is not necessarily a continual party anymore. It's settled down a bit. Life seems a little more normal now. But, you're noticing some very real changes in your self. You are more mature, you marvel at the wisdom and insight that is coming from your mouth. Others are beginning to see this as well and are coming to you for counsel and help. You find that the ways of God are clearer than they've ever been before. You begin to minister to others like never before, with more good being accomplished in their lives. You find yourself more content, more relaxed, more focused on your love relationship with Him and with others. You are becoming a harvester, a discipler, an equipper of others. It was all worth it!

The Lord would say to you,

Thank Him! Thank Him! Thank Him! Rejoice in Him and what He has done for you! Grow in God! Mature in Him! Produce fruit! Take your spot in the Kingdom. Do not despise the slowing down of the "party life". Revel in what He has accomplished in your life. Your condition of life is better than it ever has been. Your life is fuller, more like Jesus, you are capable of producing more and better fruit than before. Go for it! Don't hold back. Be who He has made you to be. The lost are waiting for you, new believers are waiting for you; He has placed it all before you and is consistently gracing you to do all good things. Rejoice, be fruitful, and multiply!

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