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Why Do You Struggle ?

by Jo Ann Rhodes

Originally from: Jo Ann Rhodes <jtrumpet@usa.net>

Originally dated: 10 Feb. 1999

Given to Pastor Dick Griesheimer
February 9, 1999

My people, My people, why do you struggle and search after those things which are vain and empty; things which consume and drain the precious life from you that I have given to you. You struggle and scheme to obtain, searching and searching, running to and fro trying to find a way to satisfy the lustful cravings that are driving you down a path which I have not chosen for you. [Eph 4:17-24] Have I not shown you the Way and the path to follow? Have I not leveled the mountains and filled the valleys to give you a straight and bright and clear, plain path? [Ps 119:11,33-35, 105]

But know this, that if you will hearken to the Voice of the Lord (His Word), I will pour out My blessings upon you and you will know the power of My Presence. My Presence shall go before you as a burning fire, for it is, by the power of My Spirit, the Spirit of Burning and Judgement. For I am about to begin the process of purging in your life. This purging will remove the dross from your life (things not needful). This process will purify mind and emotions and cause a hardening against the attacks of the enemy. But do not fear the enemy nor even consider the old paths; for the purging and purifying process will bring about a greater awareness of My Presence and My plans for your life.

Be faithful!!! Lean not unto your own understanding, but trust in the Lord with all your heart and I will bring it to pass. Be faithful unto death and I will give you the crown of Life. [Isa 43:1b-3a; Prov 4:18]

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