Prophetic-School Words: Year End Prophecies

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Year End Prophecies (for 1997)

Originally from: "Gunnar M. Johnson" (
Originally dated: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 15:33:56 EST

Trust my Holy Spirit, who is at work in you, to bring to completion all the Father has planned for you! This is a time of new opportunities and challenges. They can only be met, as you yield yourself to my will and allow my Spirit to direct you. The changes will be coming fast and furiously. It is only as you remain in me and I in you, that you will be able to come through to victory. I have already established what will be the outcome for it is under the sovereign authority of the Father. He will bless you in it and lift you up to the high places, where you can see beyond the horizon.

I Am your hope of glory and this will sustain you in all things. Proceed with what I give you, totally relying on my Spirit to show you the way! He will empower you to successfully accomplish all that I place in your hands. There will be a fresh imparting of my presence in your life. You will be released to flow in the river of my Spirit. It is carrying you far beyond anything you could imagine. Your faith in me will keep you going, even when the destination is not always clear. Be surrendered to my love and receive my favor! They will make a way for you in every circumstance.

Today, you will catch a glimpse of where you are in me. You will be surprised and amazed at what is taking place. Set your sails so they can catch the wind of my Spirit, as he begins to move again. There is a pause, a resting time before it begins. Be still and hear my voice for I Am speaking to you!

I have opened the door that no one can shut! I have set in motion events that no one can control. It is the sovereign will of the Father being done. He has set everything in order and he will complete what he has begun. You are to wait and watch for what I will be calling you to do. Trust me to guide you and to provide everything you will need to accomplish what I give you to do.

In the meanwhile focus your heart on me and enjoy our fellowship together. Listen to my voice and keep your options open. I will be changing the direction of your life in to new channels that will bless you. You are being trained in the things of the Kingdom for what is coming. You will begin to step out in what I have prepared for you. It will unfold before you, as you go. I Am establishing new patterns of serving and setting up new opportunities to carry them out. I will bring together teams, who will carry some of the burdens you have been carrying alone. You will not need to search for them, they will be brought in to your life by my Spirit. Your response is to be ready to act at any time, as my Spirit commands.

The light of my truth is breaking through to those who sit in darkness. I Am opening doors of new possibilities for those, who believe. I Am scattering the enemy and destroying his strongholds. I Am opening the eyes of the blind and setting the captives free. Gone are the old ways, which are falling in to disuse. The strategies that my Spirit will give you are fresh and effective.

There is turmoil because I Am uncovering hearts and showing what is hidden. This is necessary for their redemption. Unless you see the need, you cannot receive the salvation. Pray for my wisdom and discernment at all times! Know that my revelation is reality and it will set you free, when it comes. I Am cleansing the hearts and renewing the minds of those who turn to me. I have established a hope for you to cling to, in every circumstance you encounter. Let the wind of my Spirit carry you for it comes by the direction of the Father. The fire is also beginning to fall. It will burn up the chaff and give a new zeal for my Kingdom. My love will draw the lost and those who have fallen away. The Father is seeking his own and only he truly knows who they are. He rules in compassion and mercy. He unveils the depths of his heart to the forsaken and brings them home. The sound from heaven is calling out to the nations and many are coming in to our embrace.

My Spirit is gathering up the eagles and bringing them to the summit. He will disperse them from there to the four corners of the earth. You are called to be among them for I have anointed you, as one of them. This is why the turmoil and the challenges to your faith. Rejoice for you shall stand victorious in me! It is not by your power or ability, but by my Holy Spirit that I will accomplish it all. Trust and obey me in what I tell you! I Am opening a field of opportunities, where you will produce much fruit in my Name. My hope will not disappoint you for I will complete in you the good work that I began so long ago. Fix your heart on me and follow, where I lead you! My Spirit in you will be like a burning fire igniting all those around you.

The signs and wonders will accompany the declaration of my truth to confirm it, in the eyes of those who will see it. It is my Spirit, who brings the faith to receive what I Am revealing through you. Corporate structures of my Body are about to be transfigured. All that was will be no more. Even my people will be changed in to new wineskins in order to receive what I Am pouring out. It will be a new day in every way for nothing will remain the same. Throw yourself at my feet in complete submission to the Father!

Sow my seed with love and my harvest will be guaranteed. Stretch forth your hand in faith and watch my glory fall upon my people. The gates are open and the multitudes are about to pour in to my fellowship of believers. Hearts are being softened by the rain of my Spirit that is beginning to fall.

I Am changing hearts and minds, so they will believe in me. My truth will convince them without a doubt. The fire of my Spirit is coming to burn away the false and to establish my righteousness. I will cast out all fear and give you a confidence to step in to what I have prepared for you. There is a fresh anointing coming that will empower you to carry out mighty exploits in my Name. I Am rendering the enemy helpless in the presence of my majesty.

I have set you apart for my purposes, therefore you are holy to me! Yield everything to me and I will bring you to the fulfillment I have for you. It is not your doing but my favor that will accomplish it. You are my obedient servant and the apple of the Father's eye. He does rejoice over you with singing and he pours out his blessing, day after day.

My Spirit has been establishing bridges that will cross the chasms of division. He will destroy the fears that have kept my people in bondage. The generations will come together in the fullness of my presence. My glory will be seen covering those who believe in me. Your times of worship will be deep penetrations of the Father's love. As you open yourself to him, he will fill you with his glorious majesty. Then the wave of my Spirit will come, filled with his holiness and power.

The door I have opened awaits you! It will be at the right time that you will step through in to the plan I have set for you. Rest in the knowledge of who you are in me and I will direct your steps! I have not left you and I never will. Proceed in the confidence that you are my beloved and in me you will flourish! You have been planted firmly in my truth and your roots go deep in to my Holy Spirit. He is the one who stands guard over your life. He is leading you day by day in to the fulfillment I have for you. Cast all your burdens on me, including all the troubled people that cross your path. I will lovingly care for them all. What is impossible for man is always possible for me.

Set in order the things that I give you. Take each one and lay it out before me in prayer. I will establish your priorities and I will supply everything you will need to complete them. There is a groundswell happening in the ocean of faith that covers the earth. Reports of my miracle working power will continue to come to you. Then you will see them for yourself, as my presence grows stronger around you. My glory will appear wherever you go for it will be my anointing upon you that produces it. You are a servant of the Almighty One and he alone is your sovereign. His authority rests upon you and you speak in his Name. Keep your heart in submission to him!

My truth will come alive in you and free you for the great day that is coming. Be aware of the tricks of the enemy, as I give you discernment to see in to the dark places, as well. This move of my Spirit will come like an avalanche, burying everyone in my joy. Critical spirits will be banished from my people and my love will triumph in every situation. Cast aside the grave clothes of despair and depression. I give you the power to break these shackles and to loose their chains.

I Am stirring up my Spirit in you, as well as pouring him out around you. My angels will abound with messages for the lost and encouragement for the faithful. The defeated enemy will retreat before the onslaught of my forces of righteousness. The blind will see my goodness revealed before them. The lame will walk and the cripples will dance to my songs of victory. The signs and wonders of my working will be manifested everywhere. There will be no room for doubt, as the witness of my love is being expressed throughout the earth. It is what you have been waiting for! Love, JESUS

Zelma Ann and Gunnar Johnson

Gunnar M. Johnson
Holy Spirit Fellowship 274 Greenbrook Road Green Brook, NJ 08812
Tel. 732-968-6028

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