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The Weaving of God

by Ching Co

Originally from: Ching Co <ching@cebumail.com>

Originally dated: 7 Feb. 1999

Dear Chosen and Called of the Father,

These past weeks, I've been spending more time in intercession and was experiencing something new in this area. There are days when I will be feeling the physical symptoms of people I'm praying for and even emotions of people I am in prayer with. There are also times, I will be reminded about "Jonathan & David" and will feel in my heart all the emotions that they felt for one another. And then the words "Carrying each other's burden" will keep on coming back to me.

As I was savoring this new experience, I was also trying to seek the Lord if there is any message that I can share with His people about the matters that I was experiencing.

The Lord gave me several visions but I felt that they are connected and have the same meaning. First I saw a spider weaving a colorful web but what was funny about this spider is that it was not producing it's own material but was collecting colorful thread here and there and was webbing them together so that when it was finished it was not a single color web but a multi-colored one.

Then I saw a bus full of people traveling together, the bus at times passes through rough roads and through stormy weather where the sky turns very dark...but what was the focus were the people. When the bus went into a bump, everybody inside moved in unison. When the bus passes through dark clouds, everyone inside can feel it.

The Lord then explained to me that this is a representation of what He is doing among His people these coming days.

For the Lord is raising up people and weaving them together in supernatural ways. Which means that we will began to be in relationship and will meet people with whom we will be linked supernaturally by the Lord. This is a preparation not just for the work of the Kingdom but in many ways for our own protection as well.

For the Father knows that the coming days will be difficult and NOBODY CAN SURVIVE ALONE. He will began to release a "Jonathan & David" anointing in our midst. We will be drawn to certain people and our heart will immediately be bonded to each other. This is part of His preparation for the work ahead, this is also His provision to us against the attack of the evil one, and it is His protection for His beloved just like a shield around each other for there will be a supernatural awareness of the need of each other, like we will feel and will know when anyone among us is being attacked or is in trouble, the stronger one will immediately be able to rise up and cover the weaker ones.

The Father is saying to us:

"My people, I know your needs, I understand your longings, I know the enemy's plan. But nothing will stand against you for I am building strong towers in many places. The towers I am building are not structures, but they are heart bonded to one another. I will build you together, I will weave you into each others' lives and you will be bonded with one heart, one goal and one vision. And you shall stand strong...and nothing will stop you. And people will run to you for covering for they will see My glory resting in you. They will hear the voice of laughter and rejoicing coming forth from these towers. They will feel the warmth of my love flowing out from these towers. People outside watching will stand in amazement for they will see My hands of favor flowing from them.

"My people, you have to learn to look beyond the things that make you different from one another. For as you look deeper at each person that I'm linking you with, you see a lot of similarities. The enemy would want to magnify the weakness, but I want you to focus on the strength. And you are strong because My Spirit lives in each one of you.

"I will cover these towers with My love and with My compassion and it shall overcome any obstacles, both man-made and not. It will stand strong and it will shine forth My glory and will bring praise to My name.

"The heathen world will see and they will recognize that these are my loveD ones in whom my favor rests.

"Keep holding on to what you have. Do not be distracted by events around you, do not be affected by temporary hindrance as they are for your building up. For I am doing great things, I am ordering all things...Soon it will be revealed, soon it will be seen...the time will not be long.

"My children, feel My heart for you. It is throbbing with love and compassion. It is jumping with excitement as the days draw near, and nearer....rest in My promises, flow by My Spirit, wait for My trumpet sound, it is coming...it will be soon."

May you all be encouraged more and more as that day of unveiling draws near.


His Handmaiden,
Sis. Ching Co

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