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Open Doors

by Teresa Seputis

Originally from: Teresa Seputis <TeresaS@xc.org>

Originally dated: 1 Oct. 1998

My children, you pray for open doors
you ask Me to open doors for you
you plead with Me to make a way for you...
..Then I open the door
..Then I make the way..
and you won't walk through it!

You say, "God would not do it that way"
Or you say, "This is too hard, it must not be God"
Or you say, "the cost is too great, God would not require this of me."

Children, it has always been My way to open doors
Look back over scripture, and see.
Look and learn.
The door I opened for Joseph was costly...
.. slavery and prison.. then on to the throne room
The door I opened for Joshua was unusual..
.. who would think I would give them the city of Jericho that way?
Hezekiah was offered an easy defeat, if only he would take it;
but he looked to Me for deliverance instead,
and I came through for him.
Children.. don't let your reasoning talk you out of what I am doing
Do not presuppose to know the mind of the Lord your God.
Do not try to fence Me in to doing things a certain way.

Search the scripture.. see that I move mightily
Look how I move on behalf of those who commit their way unto Me.
For I will still part the Red Sea
for those who trust in me
I will still show Myself mighty
on behalf of My people
Do not be afraid to count the cost
Give all you hold dear up for lost
and then move forward with Me..
For I will empower you
and I will move through you
keep your eyes on Me..
watch and see
the doors that I open for you.
Go through.. go through
don't hesitate
don't wait
look to Me.
When I open the door for you
then walk boldly through...
Trust in Me, my children
for I am with you.
I will empower you
I will do mighty works through you
if you lay all before Me
and commit your way unto Me
and then walk through
the doors that I open for you..
do with Me all that I desire to do.
For My children, I AM WITH YOU.

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