Prophetic-School Words: SUTL Dream

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SUTL Dream

Originally from: Brian & Laura Healy <>

Originally dated: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 11:42:24 -0600

The following is a dream I received last evening which I believe speaks about what God is currently doing in His body. I have also included what I believe to be the interpretation I received as well as some brief personal commentary. I hope you are encouraged by it.


I see people driving along a large, multi-lane highway. There are many vehicles traveling at different speeds. Some are traveling very slowly and a few are traveling very fast. Those traveling very fast are worried they are speeding and breaking the law. As they come around a curve a police officer, running radar, smiles and waves at them but does not stop them.

Suddenly traffic slows dramatically and appears to be coming to a stop. Just ahead an accident has blocked a lane and spilled debris across all the lanes. Most slow down and try to change lanes while some stop in their lane altogether. A few spot an exit and leave the highway to avoid the delay of the accident.

As those exiting the highway reach the end of the ramp they are directed into an enormous building where a man asks them for their coupon/ticket. Each one who took the exit presents a coupon with the letters SUTL boldly printed across the front.

After presenting the coupon, each person's vehicle is taken in and washed and polished to a brilliant glow. Each vehicle receives a brand new engine; an engine which has not previously been used in vehicles. The vehicles are returned to their drivers and they are directed back to the highway at a point beyond the accident. Each of these vehicles is assigned a special "Express lane" which allows them to travel at incredible speeds while being able to see and avoid accidents and debris in the road.


The people driving along the multi-lane highway are members of the Body of Christ in the many different denominations and streams of the Body. They are all traveling towards one destination (all things summed up in Christ) but many are traveling faster or slower than others. Those traveling very fast are those pursuing the deep things of God, those who are zealous for life in the Spirit, but are concerned because they want to make sure their speed is God. The Lord reassures them that their speed is OK.

The accident ahead represents the ship-wrecked faith of prominent ministries in each denomination or stream. The spilled debris is sin. Each slows traffic and hinders people from their destination. Those who slow down represent those who try to navigate their way through sin. Those who stop are those who allow sin and the falling of others to discourage them. A few choose to exit (much as Joseph exited when facing Potiphar's wife) in order to avoid the effects of sin and the falling of others.

The enormous building at the foot of the exit ramp is the place of restoration and equipping. The letters SUTL on the coupon/ticket stand for Sanctified Unto The Lord and show that those choosing to exit have paid the price to be wholly set apart to God and His plans and purposes in the earth. They will not be stopped or delayed in their quest to reach their destiny. The washing and polishing of their vehicles speaks of the purifying fire of God which produces Holy fear of the Lord and personal holiness. These allow the brilliance of the Glory of God to radiate from their lives. The new engine, one previously not used, represents a level of the anointing and manifest presence of God given in a measure not seen before in the Body of Christ.

Each re-equipped vehicle is directed back onto the highway and given an express lane which represents a level of intimacy with God, wisdom, and discernment that comes from being totally consumed by His presence. This consuming presence enables them to travel towards their destination quickly and to avoid those sins and sources of discouragement which so easily beset.


I believe that in these last days God is raising up an army of those who will hear His voice and know His heart in prayer. This "new breed" are those who will not be hindered by the sins and fallings which previously hindered the Body of Christ. They will walk in an unprecedented presence and glory and will operate in a unparalleled level of power to affect millions. They will do things differently and lead differently than any previous generation the earth has seen. They will be characterized by holiness, personal humility, and a servant's heart.


Brian Healy

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