Prophetic-School Words: From IRC Group on April 30, 1998

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Words From IRC Group on April 30, 1998

The prophetic-school has an irc (online chat) group that meets on thursdays. This particulat thrusday (April 30, 1998), the group was seeking the Lord for corporate words. Most of us in the group wrote down our words before anyone shared theirs. Yet the same common them ran through most of the words and God seemed to be saying pretty much the same thing through each of us. Here are the words from this group...

John (WatchJ):

First I saw a series of pictures... First a Web, then a person on the Web... then a Hand with some scissors with started cut the Web apart. And I felt that the Lord had this message of this person..
You have been caught up in Satans Trap,
But I the Lord by my spririt will set you free to do my will,
to do my plans to show my Glory to the ends of the Earth

Cindi Eaton (Cindi_E)

First I got some words and then the picture, and then more words.
My bride, My bride, what a sweet aroma coming from My bride
Her desire for Me, her delight in Me
It is beautiful in My sight
Do you know, dear one, that you are part of My bride?
You are beautiful, so beautiful in My sight. I love you
Then saw a picture of Jesus with the person walking - one arm around them and one clearing the cob webs etc away as they walked into a place that looked dark and deserted for a long time then...
I will bring My light into those hidden places,
those dark places I will bring My light,
My life and I will inhabit those places,
for I love you

Teresa Seputis (terese)

There are some of you here who have been feeling frustrated
in your relationship with Me.
You feel like you have somehow fallen backwards
and are not as close as you once were;
you cannot feel the depths of intimacy with Me
that you are used to.
Or you are one who knows how to hear My voice
but lately it has been a struggle to hear Me
clearly and correctly. And you have been puzzled
and you have been crying out to Me
and asking Me what happened.
You have searched your heart for iniquity, but found none.
You have asked Me to show you what is wrong (intending to change it)
but I have shown you nothing.
You desire to meet Me on My terms,
but you don't know what I require of you right now. Know this.. things are NOT as they seem.
I am not angry
I am not displeased
I am not far away There is been an onslought in the spirit world
an increase of enemy resistance
his desire is to cause distance between you and I
and he is trying to convince you of nonexistant problems
Things may not go right
things may not go smoothly
but that is not necessarily an indication of My displeasure
for, indeed, I am NOT displeased with you..
There will be times when
you struggle to maintain that intimacy with Me
There will be times when
you make mistakes in hearing My voice
Yes these things will happen.
But that does not mean that I am far from you
It does not mean that I am displeased with you
It does not mean that you have been disqualifed For there are times when the storms must come
There are times when the waves will billow and
toss your little boat to and fro..
just as Paul's boat was tossed
as he sailed to Rome.
There will be times when you are shipwrecked
But if you are faithful to pray
and keep your eyes on Me
despite the circumstances
Then I will give you the lives of those around you
just as I gave Paul the men on his boat when he prayed
and I will work my glory in the situation
doing signs and wonders, as I did on the island of Malta
and advance My kindgom through you
be patient when things seem to go wrongly
keep your heart fixed on Me
continue to be faithful in all that you know to do
and you will see My kingdom and My glory surround you
You will see my purposes fulfilled through you. For I am determined to use you
and that does not always mean that
things will go well for you
but if you are patient and dedicated
you will see My glory break through.
So do not give up or be discoursaged
persist in what I have shown you and
ignore the accusations of the enemy --
for I have not disqualifed you
and I will lead you through this valley
into the heights of My glory.

Paul Bell (PB)

First the Lord said that someone was having mind problems. That the same problem keeps coming back, that everytime this thing comes up, it brings seperation.

Then He showed me a clouds that had no rain; then wind that had no power; then fire that held no heat.. so so so

Think on what is good and pure because the web of the devil is just that, nothing againt you but what you dwell on. Set your mind on the Spirit and it is life. The web of the devil has no holding power for you -- you have overcome with Him. So believe it.

Sue van Rooyen (SueVR)

I saw a picture of a beach with pebbles, smooth and round. As the waves come in and out, the pebbles are drawn up the beach, and then sucked back down again by the waves; I had this word:
The Lord is in control
Even if you feel right now as if you were one of those pebbles on the beach, being washed up or sucked back down under the waves... the Lord is in control.

He wants you to know this. To REALLY know this. Deep in your heart.

Never think that he has abandoned you to the circumstances or events which surround you. He is always in control, and he will only allow to happen to you those things which he knows, absolutely for sure, that you can stand. It is never his intention to overwhelm you.

Trust him absolutely.

Do you really think a pebble on the beach could stand up and say "I'm not going to be moved by the force of the waves".

No, the Lord is far more powerful than you are.

But he will never use his power to force you to do anything against your will. His power will surround you, protect you,... defend you and ensure that, if you yield to him, you will be in exactly the place he wants you to be. Let him keep you. Let him sustain you. He will provide for all your needs and will walk with you through the darkest path. He has promised he will always be with you, and he always keeps his promises.

Trust, trust and trust again. Never give up.

The darkness will come to an end and you will walk into the light with new strength. For the Lord allows the darkness to bring about his purposes and his strengthening in your life.

Only believe, that is all he is asking of you.

Debbie Wade (Ebbieday)

I see a wilderness, with people massing in the middle. Around on all sides, are steep sides. At the top of the bluffs are animals of prey, specifically dog-like animals. Can't tell if they are wolves, hyenas, or what. But they are dog-like.

The people are afraid of the animals, they feel hemmed in, helpless.

But the Lord is coming! His warriors are sneaking up on the animals of prey, and they have no escape. He wants the people to know that it's His work. He will protect the people. He will provide the Word of the Lord for their thirsty hearts.

Trust Him.

Jane Fitz-Gibbon (JaneFG)

I got:
You are longing for a hiding place
a place of refuge and shelter from storms and circumstances
But there is a temtation to hide in the wrong place
to hide in work and family and even church
Don't try to hide inthese things
But find your hiding place in Jesus
The storms and circumstances will always be around
The only constant hiding place is Jesus
Hide in him
Let him be your onlty comfort, your only shelter
Even when you feel you hit rock bottom he will be the rock
He is our safety, our security

Cory (Psalm):

Strange I just recieved four distinct words. I asked the Lord to put them together for me. There is one distinct word that is "lifeline". I sensed this would mean something in partivular to one person. Then He put the words together like this...
sitting at an oblong table writing in a duo-tang, making restitution
(a duo tang is a note book)
I sensed it might be a forgiveness letter.

Paul Gaskin (PaulG)

ok..I'm finding it hard to make sense of what I got.. a picture of what looked like the shiny surface of something..sparkly and magenta coloured a bit like the spoiler on a sports car reflecting light beautifully..but containing it, too quite convoluted in appearance.. imagine metalflake paint, a bit like that was beauty..I think it was what God sees when He looks at our spirits
Maybe it's He sees His beauty, (created in His image) reflecting back to us....redemption, the enemy's plan hasn't worked, He sees the bride coming forth reflecting His beauty and having it

Eija Valli (eija)

First I saw something that I would call a irish landscape. It was like on top of a high hill - You could see the sea in all its majesty. The ground was stony there. Then I saw Jesus open a gate to someone. It seemed to be a woman.

After the gate the landscape was unbelievably green. This woman and Jesus walked together - talking silently, just enjoying the freshness of the air and the beauty of the landscape.

I had a sense that further down the path at some point there was a treasure chest Jesus was going to show her that she knew nothing about. They were like very old friends and just enjoying being together. After the vision I got words;

God sees ALL Your needs
and HE has prepared a place
of rest in HIM.

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