Prophetic-School Words: Holiness

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HOLINESS by Teresa Seputis

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Originally dated: Sept 18, 1997

"Holiness." Holiness is a word that I have been speaking to you, My children. I have sharing that I am a Holy God that likewise you must be Holy before Me.

Many of your responses have amused Me... for I am a loving Daddy who delights in His children. Some of you have been trying to work up holiness from your own undestanding, from your own strenght. You are like children who build mud pies.. thinking that these are fine pastries to be served in a fine restruant. But as the children with the mud, you do not have the right ingredients to construct true holiness in your lives. None the less, I am not angry at you for trying to respond to what I have been speaking to you -- I am pleased that you would try to respond to Me even though you don't have the resouces at your disposal to do what I am calling you to. Your hearts are after Me and I am a Father who delights in His children.

But now it is time to stop making mud pies and to let Me wash you with pure water and make you clean. You cannot make yourselves holy... I never intended for you to do this in your own strength. Have I not said "For without Me, you can do nothing!" (John 15:5).

It is My transforming Holy Spirit that works My character and My holiness in you. Let Me be the one to transform you and to make you holy, for you cannot do this in your own strength. I have been working with some of you for a while... others I am just starting to move this work of My holiness in your lives. Respond to My Spirit.

'How do we respond to You, Lord?' you ask. I tell you, you respond to Me by submitting to the works of My hand in your life. I am doing a deep work in you.. examining motives, revealing patterns and behaviors that are sins and hold you back... allowing deep hurts to come up so you can recognize the need for healing and turn to Me and be healed. I desire to heal you and I desire to cleanse you and I desise to work My character in you. What father does not want to see his character and nature reflected in His children? It is the same with Me... I am your Father and I desire to work My character in you.

Do not run away from Me when the pressure comes... instead run to Me. Do not assume it is always the enemy's hand against you... come to Me and ask Me what is going on here. Ask if this is My hand and how I would have you respond to it. If it is an attack of the enemy, I promise to tell you and to show you how to rise up and fight and overcome him in My stength. But if it is My Spirit working a deep work in you, you must not resist ... the longer you resist Me, the longer your affliction will go on.

For I am raising up on My holy hill and I am doing a work of Holiness in My children. It is for Me to work this holiness within you.. you cannot do this from within your own strength... but you can purpose in your heart to cooperate with Me and submit to My workings in your life. In all things come to Me and ask Me about them... I will show you clearly when you are to resist the evil one and when you are to submit to My spirit working within you. From a human perspective, these sometimes look alike. But if you ask Me, I will show you clearly. And I will work My holiness in your characters and in your natures.

So purpose in your own heart to run to Me, to consult with Me about all that happens and to submit to Me when I am working My transformation in you. After I have worked this Holiness in you, you will see Me pour out My glory upon you in unprecidented measure.

So stop right now and purpose in your heart to seek Me and to submit to My hand in your life. Enter into this convenent with Me, and I will work My nature and My holiness within you.

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