Prophetic-School Words: Jubilee

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JUBILEE by Donna Cox

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Originally dated: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 14:24:37 -0400 (EDT)

October 7, 1997

When I read the word, "Jubilee." I felt a tremendous churning inside me, a welling up of the Spirit of God. This is what I sense God saying:

Oh my beloved, oh my bride, Have you not taken notice, have you not seen nor experienced my presence in the past few days, in the past few months, and even for some within the past few years? I tell you I have been with you and for you. You have never been away from my touch, my reach. I have been with you through all the trials, all the tribulations, all the testings. I have been your rock and your source as many times as you have cried out to me and for me. Yes, I have been there. Indeed, I have always been there.

I say this to you, my beloved, those things you have been sensing, the unrest, the fatigue, the confusion, the ambivalence, and for some of you....... even the anger, at being unable to understand the shiftings that have been taking place all around you, and for some... even within you, have come because of blessing I am about to thrust upon you.

This blessing will be granted, yea given and bestowed upon, those of you who have not resisted my pruning... my cutting away of the carnal nature. For I say to you my beloved, only those who have withstood the ridicule, have withstood the rebukes of the world, and instead have blessed their enemies, (with my mercy, my grace, and my love,) shall be able to flow and function in the Years of Jubilee.

Yes I said Years of Jubilee. Those who have stood steadfast for me in the face of years of persecution shall have an abundance. I am about opening the windows of my storehouse to pour out those blessings you have longed for, yea even cried out for and reminded me of time after time in your midnight hour of distress. Oh my beloved, did you think I did not hear you when you cried out? Nay I heard you, and answered you with my peace amidst the flames. I was there, it was simply not my timing you were seeking, but your own.

The years of Jubilee you shall have, shall indeed be that turning point you have longed for. For many of you, it shall be a time of restoration and recognition. I will be putting into effect the plans and strategies you have had stirring within you for so many years. Many of you shall step fully into your calling. and many of you shall begin to perform the signs and wonders I have spoken to you about. For others, there shall be a strategic financial plan brought to fruition, one that shall finance and further my kingdom by leaps and bounds. I have told you the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just, well in these days you shall see it... witness it, with your own eyes.

There shall also be a restoration of the family unit, a returning of the prodigals back to me. I have already prepared the hearts of those who are to minister to them as they begin to flow back into my arms. I tell you there shall come forth a tremendous flood of my broken, and those who have fully allowed me to sever the carnal, the arrogance, the pride, the fleshly nature, shall have my anointing to bring many back into my kingdom. This, the anointing, is what ones have cried out to receive, so this shall indeed be their portion.

Joy shall be a part of the years of Jubilee, Joy that shall bubble up....bubble over, as you, my beloved sing and dance before me. So, I say unto you my beloved, prepare yourselves to receive my blessing... the Years of Jubilee!

His servant,

Donna Cox

God's Property Ministries

Gary & Donna Cox

Columbus, Ohio USA

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