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Prophetic Sign? (Andy and Jane Fitz-Gibbon)

Originally from: (Andy and Jane Fitz-Gibbon)

Originally dated: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 10:43:50 -0500


Thought I'd put a report of something that has been happening here over the last couple of weeks. It is partly testimony but also has prophetic significance.

Two weeks ago we had a visitor at the Friday renewal meeting. No-body knew her but she was, of course, very welcome. She received prayer and spent considerable time on the carpet. . .as did every-one else!

She came to the next Renewal meeting on the following Tuesday and during the testimony time she asked if she could share.

Her testimony was amazing. The previous Friday night she had been healed from chronic depression and multiple personalities. (No-body knew who had actually prayed for her. . .don't you love it when that happens). Although no-body had been aware of it at the time, she was actually living in an institution, her family was split (2 kids in foster care/1 kid cared for by a relative).

When she had returned on the Friday night the staff had been amazed because she was smiling, something they had not seen before :-) Next day she visited her Grandma and prayed for her. Grandma got out of her wheelchair and walked! Then she went to visit her sister and eldest daughter (age 13), her father walked in. She ran from the house in fear due to the past abusive nature of the relationship. . . but then stopped and thought that she had Jesus and needed to go back and pray for her father. She hugged him and prayed. Later the same day she was able to pray with other family members.

Then a prophetic word was given. . .that she was a prophetic sign to us. That what God had done in her was a sign of what he was about to do. Mental patients healed, those in wheelchairs walking, family relationships restored etc etc. Even her very name was significant. It was Dawn, she was a sign to us of a new time dawning. At this point the meeting exploded with lots more prophetic words. . .it is difficult to convey in words the intensity of the prophetic words and of the word of her testimony.

Last Friday she returned to the meeting with her grandma, friend, mother and daughter. She added more to her testimony that she had seen her doctor. He had been amazed, questioned her about the meeting and said that he could only find one personality instead of 30! Mother responded for salvation, the whole family soaked in the spirit. The mother told us that she hadn't seen Dawn for quite a time as some of the personalities were very violent!

Tuesday they all returned with even more new people!

Just to conclude as this is long and probably slightly off topic :-) No-body actually prayed for either healing or deliverance. God sovereignly did everything that was needed. All the glory to Him :-)

Many blessings, jane

Andy and Jane Fitz-Gibbon; Co-directors, In Christ Ministries

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