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The Messenger (Alison Papenfus)

Originally from: Alison Papenfus

Originally dated: Sat Aug 16 07:06:29 1997

Once there was a young man who was summoned to the presence of his king. When he came into the throne room the king said to him "I want you to become my messenger"

And the young man's heart swelled with pride that his king would choose him to be one of the royal messengers. He said "My Lord, I am honoured. Thank you, I am at your service."

Then he went out from the presence of the king and began to tell his friends and aquaintances that the King had asked him to be a Royal Messenger.

The friends and aquaintances were really very supportive. They patted him on the back, and congratulated him and said, "We know the king. He wants his messengers to be well educated, and knowledgable. You must study. We know exactly the courses you ought to do."

So the young man enrolled to study. And for a while he applied himself. But his friends grew tired of hearing how the king had called him, they said, "Wait until you have finished studying!"

And the studies seemed irrelevant to his call. So after a while the young man became discouraged. He did not receive any messages from the king. He gave up his study and went back to his old occupation.

A few years later the king sent for him again. When the man entered the throne room the king said, "I want you to be my messenger.."

And the young man felt a thrill of pride that the king would ask him again. So he said, "My Lord, thank you for your confidence. I want to be your messenger, I will do everything I can to be worthy of your call."

But when he went out from the palace and told his friends they were not impressed. They said "Give this up!" and "You told us that last time. Remember what happened?" and "OK, so where is your certificate from the Messengers' Training School?"

And the more the man spoke to them the more they derided him. And again, no messages came from the king. So after some time he gave up, and went back to his old occupation.

Some years passed. The king sent for the man again. He said "I want you to be my messenger"

Then the man (he was no longer young) fell at the king's feet. He said, "My Lord, twice you called me, and twice I fluffed it up. I can't take the studies, no one believes you have called me, you didn't send any messages to me. I'm no good at this, please, choose someone else. It's not that I dont want your call, it's that I'm not .. well I'm not doing your reputation any good."

Then the king looked around his throne room and said, "But I often had messages for you. Where were you? You should have been here, in the palace, in my presence. Where did you go?"

And the man said, "I was at the Messengers Training School, and in the streets with my friends. I thought that was where a messenger should be. At least, that's what everyone told me."

"No," said the king firmly "My messenger needs to be where I am. He needs to understand me - he needs to be able to communicate how I feel, how I think, what I want - and what I do not want. You will learn all of this - by staying near me. When you know me than you will be ready to take my messages to the people."

Then the man - who was still on his face before the king - looked up and said, "I missed it. Completely. I thought I could know about you - but now I realise I need to know you. I thought others could teach me how to be your messenger. Now I realise - only if I know you will I really convey your message the way you want it conveyed. How long will it be before I am ready to be your Royal Messenger?"

And the king smiled, shrugged his shoulders and said, "Stick around. I'll tell you when you're ready."

Alison Papenfus (

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