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A Word of Encouragement

Linda Maynard

Originally from: <>

Originally dated: Tue Jan 5 16:41:41 1999


I have been having more and more times that I just cry and KNOW it is not MY sadness But the Lord in Me!

Just yesterday I was eating in a restaurant and a very heavy gentleman walk in and sat alone. I only mention his weight to say was because of his weight that the Lord drew my attention to him He reminded me of my Dad who died a few years ago.(my Dad was a big man) Now in the past, I would have thought my sadness was entirely due to losing my dad but God in this past year has revealed how my sensitivity to people and situations has been Him ALL ALONG. All of a sudden I was OVERWHELMED by the loneliness of this man and I started to cry. I said to my husband I have to go up and say something to him.....but WHAT?????

So (with knees shaking and heart pounding) I went up to his table and said hi and told him that he reminded me of my dad. He responded weakly but he could not look at me..face to face ...he more or less kept his head down the whole time. He asked me how old my dad was and I said 78 and asked him how old he was and he said 55. (I was shocked as he looked tired and worn and much older)...I asked him his name and he said Donald and I told him mine. He said everyone has a twin they say. I left him saying have a good day. I went into the Ladies Room and I felt the Lord wanted to encourage this man more . So the Lord "sent me back"......I said "Don you may think I am crazy but I just want you to know the Lord says you are a good man. He smiled a faint smile and for that moment in time Donald was not that lonely man anymore. I felt like heaven stood still and smiled on Don and I in the middle of Denny's.

My husband and I had to leave but I said to my husband we can never let anyone sit alone in a restaurant again.

I believe the Lord is increasing for all of us these divine encounters in the ordinairiness of our day.

These tears were totally unexpected-God given-passion and love for the lost dying lonely world in which we live. On Saturday those tears had a name and their name was Donald.

I thank God today for my tears today. I lived a WHOLE life of being ashamed of them (I felt I was weak and bad) not realizing that the Lord cries through His children. This is the way the Lord created me and I now rejoice in it. So I sometimes cry with understanding (I ask the Lord and He gives me insight) and at other times (maybe like you) without understanding.(it is just a knowing that He is using me.) I have also prayed for people weeping knowing that I am crying their tears that they are unable to express. I feel it a privilege that the Lord would express Himself through me.

I ask the Lord to bless your gift and your sensitivity to Him....I just sense that you see and hear things others may miss and I just wanted to encourage you in this wonderful expression of God's heart.

In the Lamb
Linda Maynard

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