Prophetic-School: Taking God's Power to the Streets

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Taking God's Power to the Streets

Victoria Bouler-Warneth

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Originally dated: Sun, 26 Jul 1998 07:36:23 (PDT)

Hi. I have been doing prophetic evangelism for a long time now. A friend of mine was just getting started on it and was a bit discouraged with her first day's results. So I shared one of my very early experiences with her, to encourage her. As I did, we both felt the Lord would like me to share this story with this list as well. I hope it blesses you....


One Saturday night, about 3 of us decided to go do some evangelism. We went to a coffee shop. Most of the people there were young punk rockers, and slam dancing was going on in the other room. There was a lot of drugs going on in front. They had a free for all, anyone could get up on stage and do whatever they liked to do... I asked them if they had a guitar... I went up and sang spontaneously .. God was singing to them... It was so awesome...

After a while I cleared everyone outside... I thought I bombed out, I said "Lord you led me here and you told me to get up and sing..." They were all out front... had the front door open.

I eventually got down, got some water and this lady approached me. She asked "will you come back?"

I said "you are kidding right, you are feeling sorry for me... right? They all went outside."

She said "no that's their way. Many said that they liked you and asked if you would please come back..." I still didn't believe her.

I left and went home. A few days later, I received a phone call... from the manager of the place! He asks if I would come Friday night and play ... I forgot the lady asked for my number... but I didn't believe she would call me...

To make a long story shorter... I ended up going.

I went one night, and 2 boys kept listening to me intently. And then they went outside...and layed down on the asphalt.. and looked up at the stars.. I took a break. I noticed they kept coming in and then going outside... back and forth...I went outside to find them.

I found them and began talking... they said "man, you don't know what you are doing to us."

I said "what do you mean?"

"Such peace... man I can feel it all over me..." I said "I thought you were maybe offended by what I was saying." They said "no man, we came out here to just listen to you and look up at the stars... We are feeling such peace, we have never felt this before." One of the boys told me how that nite he was going to commit suicide... over this girl that he was in love with. They recieved Jesus that nite, outside on the pavement. Praise God. That's when I saw the power of God on the streets... - Victoria Bouler

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