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More On Changing Churches (Chris Poole)

Originally from: "Mobile School of the Spirit"

Originally dated: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 09:49:10 +0000

Greetings to all,

Just a quick point of agreement to what Jane said in her post about how we leave a body of believers:


If you must leave a church (and I agree with all that has been previously said, only leave if it is God's clear direction) then leave with blessing!

Ask the church to bless you as you move on. And then pray for the church you have left, only speak good and positive things, never use 'prophetic words' as a form of criticism. If you can't find anything good to say then don't say anything! Negative words will become a curse over the church.


I am reminded of a pastor who has found considerable favor with the Lord. One of his favorite expressions is, "How we go out (of one body of believers) is how we come in (to the next body of believers)".

Many saints struggle with the fact that difficulties in church relationships seem to follow them where ever they go. I have observed that some of them do curse those situations they are leaving behind and in doing so, plant seeds of bad fruit that are going to yield a harvest in the days ahead. Then when the seeds begin to sprout, more frustration is produced and the cycle continues. For a "plant" to come to maturity, it must remain planted and not be continually uprooted lest its growth and maturing become stunted.

There are times when the Lord does move His sheep from one pasture to another but we do need to sincerely seek the Lord and make sure He is the originator of the transition and not ourselves. Sometimes, it can be the reaping of the bad fruit from sins, unresolved issues in relationships and curses we allow ourselves to speak (many times without even realizing it). Unfortunately, the enemy takes special note of the curses and inner vows we speak and then exercises his legal right against us until the curse is broken.

Death to our flesh (God dealing with our character) never feels good and many times can be mistaken for not "coming into our rightful place" in a particular body of believers, but how glorious is the resurrection once the flesh has been crucified. God is the One who created us and authored our ministry. He is totally faithful to open the proper doors at the proper time as we yield to His divine process and allow the image (character) of Jesus to be formed in us all.


Chris Poole

Mobile SOS

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