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Healing-School Mini-Course Series

Series Introduction and Course Overview

Announcing: Interferences To Healing

(This course is a repeat of course 15, originally taught in April of 2004.)

The Healing School Training Mini-Course Series... a series of short classes and (teaching and discussion) that will be offered on the healing-school list. Various members of the leadership core will teach short courses on a topic relevent to praying for the sick and seeing God heal them.

Current Course:

#44 Beginning Oct 18, 2010, Rodney Hogue will teach a 12 week series on
Interferences To Healing (Things To Address When Healing Doesn't Occur)
(Details about this mini-course are enclosed below).

The series will continue beyond the announced course topics.

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Simply subscribe to the healing-school list. This will automaticly enrole you in the course. Lesson material (teaching) will be sent out on the list on Mondays. All course-related discussion will be on the healing-school list.

If you are not already subscribed to the healing-school list, simply send an email to <healing-school-join@godspeak.cc>

The first lesson in Rodney's teaching series be sent out to the healing-school list on Monday, Oct 18, 2010. To join the course, simply subscribe to the list before then.

If you are already subscribed to the healing-school list, you don't have to do anything.. you are already enrolled in this training series.

WWW Information:
Mini-Course #44 Series

Course #44 description:

Interferences To Healing (Things To Address When Healing Doesn't Occur)
Rodney Hogue
Mondays, beginning Oct 18, 2010, lasts for 12 weeks

Course Contents/Description:

We know that it is God's will to heal the sick and often when we pray for someone who is sick, God comes and heals them. But there are times when we pray for the sick, knowing it is God's will to heal the peson, and they are not healed. And that is what this series will address. We will exampline at the question - "Why aren't people healed?" We will look at things that can hinder healing.

The series will take a practical look at issues in a person's life that can interfer with their ability to receive a healing. It will give some suggestions of how to deal with these things, so that the hinderance can be removed so that healing can occur.

The series will look at some common inderanaces and how to address them. It will examine:

  1. Curses
  2. Pacts With The Devil
  3. The Judgment Of God On A Person
  4. Defaning Holy Things
  5. Lack Of Faith
  6. Sin
  7. Wrong Expectations
  8. Giving Up Too Soon

It will also examine some factors that we must consider when we pray for healing, including the topic of Progressive Healings and the role of faith in healing. We will examine some faith killers, such as:

  1. A 'Prove It To Me' Attitude
  2. Looking At The Problem Instead Of At The Solution
  3. Fear
  4. Dispensationalist Thinking In Regard To Healing

The goal if this series is to give you some things you might look for and address when you pray for someone and nothing seems to happen. You can change gears and address whatever issues apply and then complete the healing after the hinderance is removed.

(The "Healing-School" list will continue to function as it has been with other discussion as well, centered around topics pertaining to praying for the sick and seeing them healed; but in addition to the "regular stuff" we will be giving and receiving feedback about the information contained in each weeks teaching article.)

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