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His-Lordship List

What is his-lordship? It is an electronic community or kinship of people who are all trying to put an area of their life under the Lordship of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ. The main thrust of this group will be for those who are trying to put some aspect of their eating or fitness under His lordship, to be better "grounds keepers" of their body, the temple of the Holy Spirit. But it extends to people who are trying to put some other area of their life under His lordship as well.

This community will serve as a safe place to explore what it means to give God lordship in this area, as well as being a place to build each other up and to encourage each along the way. It also provides a place to ask questions, to share experiences and even to minister to each other (prayer, prophetic words, etc).

It will also address one aspect of "dieting" that is seldom covered in other forums--the spiritual aspects that need to be dealt with in order to be successful in walking out His lordship. This includes dealing with "enemy spirit things" like breaking curses, dealing with generational spirits that may cause weight problems, and breaking enemy oppression off of people. It also includes God-things like deepening our personal relationship with the Lord, growing and maturing in Him, learning to hear His voice more clearly as He directs us in the area we are putting under His Lordship, etc

Message Board (or Bulletin Board]

A large portion of our interpersonal communication and interaction will take place through a bulletin board. That board is hosted on another organization's system, and has ads/etc that you need to ignore. Also, you will need to "register" on that bulletin board in order to be able to post to it, and also in order to be able to read one of the three categories of boards available there. That registration is totally separate from your subscription to the his-lordship email list. You need to do both things (subscribe to this his-lordship list and register for the his-lordship bulletin board) in order to fully participate with us.

You can find the bulletin board at: http://www.his-lordship.proboards.com

How to Subscribe/Unsubscribe and post

To get subscribe/unsubscribe/post/admin info, click here

Charter and Email List Guidelines

List members are expected to adhere to the charter and guidelines for list conduct at all time. Failure to comply can result in removal from the list.

To see the His-Lordship charter, click here.

The email list portion of his-lordship is a moderated list. That means that all posts will be previewed by a moderator before being posted to the list, and posts that violate the charter will be refused. If you need to reach the list moderator, you can send them email at <owner-his-lordship@godspeak.cc>

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The his-lordship program is being introduced in August of 2009. I hope to eventually have weekly teachings on this list, but we won't start out with them. We do, however, have a few articles to get you started:

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