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We Moved To A different IRC Server

Effective immediately, GodSpeak International's #prophetic-school chatroom is MOVING to a different server. We were previously on irc.christian-chat.net. We are moving from there to the new irc server of:

If you use the java interface on the godspeak web page, all you need to do is to a one-time reload the page to get to the new setup. If you have any problems with that, you can go directly to the java chat interface at http:www.godspeak.net/chat/javachat.html
If you use an irc client (mIRC, abiline, CCnetScript, etc), very little has changed. We are simply moving to a more stable irc server, which is more suited to our needs. The name of the room and the facilitators remain the same...but if you try to get there from irc.christian-chat.net, you won't see us. You need to connect to irc through the irc.ircstorm.net server. It is a very simple setup change to your irc program to change servers. We will have instructions for ircle users shortly. In the meantime, you can get there by connecting to any irc server and then issuing the command
/server irc.ircstorm.net
and it will take you to the correct server.

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Changing The Server Setting

If you have an irc client (mIRC, Abilene or CCNetChat2000/CCNetChat2001, etc), here are some simple instructions to change your setup to point to the correct server:

  1. Remove the old server.
    1. If you connect on startup (most do) then hit disconnect. E.g. look for the little yellow icon at the top left corner of the screen. If it looks like two yellow trianges that are not touching each other, you are connected and need to disconnect. Click on it and it should turn into a yellow lightening bold and the text in the big status screen will say "Disconnected".

      If it looks like a lightening bolt, you are not conencted and can proceed to the next step.

    2. There is a "File" pull down menu in the top left corner.. pull it down and select "options". A little box will pop up.

    3. The popup will have a long rectangular box called Category. The topmost item in that box will say "Connect" - click on connect.

    4. To the right you will see an "Irc Servers" pulldown menu and several buttons "Add", "Edit", "Delete", "Sort" Just below the pulldown menu that says "Irc Servers" is another pulldown menu that does not have a title. It will have text in it that will same something like "christian-chat" or "christian chat" or possibly "CCnet." If it says something else, pull down the pulldown menu and select the thing that most looks like "Christian Chat" or "CCnet."

    5. Hit the Delete Button. The name will disappear from that second box. Another name may or may not appear in that area.

  2. Add the new server.

    1. Hit the "Add" button. A popup will appear

    2. In the "Description" field, enter: IRC storm

    3. In the "IRC Server" field, enter: irc.ircstorm.net

    4. In the "Port(s)" field, make it say: 6667,6668
      (It will probably say 6667 already, if so just append a comma and 6668)

      e. Do NOT try to fill in the "Group" or "Password" fields.. leave them blank.

      f. Hit the "Add" button. (The "Add" popup window will disappear).

  3. Hit OK on the "Options" popup window. It will disappear

  4. Click on the yellow lightening bolt on the top left corner of the main IRC window and it will connect you to the new server.

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Registering Your Nick

Once you are on the new server, you may wish to register your favorite nick with it. This is not necessary, but if you do this, it assures that someone else won't use your nick. It is easy to do. Here are the instructions:

  1. become the nick you wish to register if you are not already that nick. In the status box (or in any room screen), type
    /nick YOURNICK

    For instance, if you wanted to be HappyOne, you would type

    /nick HappyOne

    It should say something like "Your Nick is now HappyOne". (If it comes back and says

    You need to IDENTIFY within 30 seconds or your nick will be forcefully changed
    then someone else has already registered your favorite nick, so select a another one and start over.)

  2. Register the nick with "nickserv" .. the bot that monitors nicks. The register command format is
    /ns register password email@address.com

    If your email address was example@shome.com and you choose a password of "JesusSaves", the command would look like this:

    /ns register JesusSaves example@showme.com

    Nickserv will send back a mesage that tells you that you are registered, and what your password is.

  3. Identify your nick with NickServ (you will also need to do this every time you log on) The command format is
    /ns IDENTIFY password

    Using the data from out above example, the command would look like

    /ns identify JesusSaves

    It will come back and say

    -NickServ- Password accepted!

You are all set. Just remember, each time you use your nick, you will need to send your identify message to nickserv or it will change your password after 30 seconds.

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