Fasting List-School: God's Protection During A Long Fast
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God's Protection During A Long Fast - Hector Vasland

Originally from: (Hector Vasland)

Originally dated: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 06:08:00 -0800 (PST)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I just feel that I have to share this testimony with you all. Though I have never previously written. I have been part of this list for a while and have always felt grateful for it. I can not type so I haven't been able to say it, but I must say it now. Thank you, from my heart. By reading your postings. I have begun to learn how to fast (something I knew little about, in sprite of all the books I've read on the subject). Must of all I have been continually encourage by you all when I have fasted. At times it was this list that help me to keep on going. I have found this list to be a great blessing and I thank our wonderful Father for how He has used you guys.

Testimony: I'm in my 30th day of fasting (no solid foods-a real miracle for me) and I've continued to go to work as a cop. I want to give God the glory, because the other day He saved my life. After entering my apartment building. I walked upon a gang of armed men as they attempted rob the apartment of a drug gang. People were hurt and shot. But God chose to be glorified by my living. During the course of the battle I was surprise by a gunmen in my rear and God spare my life. At another point I was surrounded by the four gunmen and again the Lord spared my life. Then I ended up in a "Mexican stand off" with one of the gunmen and my weapon jammed, but God did not allowed him to shot me. This happen yards from my own apartment. As my wife and three of my children listen to the gun fire, knowing that I was involved. My Lord Jesus has called my family to live in this city. So we are not going anywhere else. Jesus promised me a long time ago that He can raise and keep a Christian family in the inner city. As a witness to those who are hopelessly stuck here and to does who are would think that He has abandon the city. God is here. I'm still in little trauma, but even more grateful for the love of our Father. Please pray for N.Y.C. and protection for my family.

God bless,



Am I going to stop fasting? I think not.

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