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By Way Of Encouragement - Jim Wyatt

Originally from: (Jim Wyatt)

Originally dated: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 05:10:49 -0800 (PST)

Yesterday was the last day of fasting on a 40 day fast unto the Lord, drinking distilled water and juice only, seeking God's face, turning from wicked ways, praying that God would send world wide revival in 1997 beginning with me. His bride is torn and tattered, muddy and disheveled, bruised and battle scarred, but she is still His bride and He has promised she would be presented faultless and blameless. You may be contemplating a 40 day fast. May I encourage you to DO IT!

I knew nothing about this great movement of God. I only knew since reading of Dr. Bill Bright's first 40 day fast two years ago I have wanted to do it. I tried last fall but had to stop because I was not drinking enough liquid and therefore was breaking out in a terrible rash and falling asleep, even while in the middle of prayer with someone and I was the one praying! I thought I was killing myself so I stopped. When I realized I was not drinnking enough liquids and thereby flushing my system I wanted to try again. I had only fasted 19 days. The burden grew and I decided I would start on January 1 with the New Year and take each day as it came asking the Lord for the strength for each day but my desire was to go 40 days. Today I begin to eat again, though I do not really want to. I undertand that is normal.

I am writing to you to share with you, not only the encouragement to do it but also some warnings of what you will encounter. These may sound familiar because his tactics are nothing new. These are some of the thoughts that will come to mind.

  1. You are doing it for the wrong motives: You are really only doing this so you will loose a few extra pounds. ANSWER: Let's face it, you will loose weight but you need to know you will probably gain it right back as it is the poorest form of dieting. If that is your only reason you will give up. I was honest with the Lord and said "Lord, I can't lie to you, I don't mind loosing those extra pounds I picked up over the holidays and I would be lying to you and myself if I did not say that would not please me. But you know my heart and you know my main reason is because my heart is breaking over the condition of the BRIDE. LET ME NOT WORRY OVER THE WIEGHT I WILL LEAVE THAT WITH YOU. And I don't have a scale so watching a needle never became a thing. Another motive: You are doing this because you think you are more spiritual than other Christians. You want others to look up to you. ANSWER: Don't tell anyone who doesn't need to know. Look your best everyday, smile, and keep your mouth shut.
  2. You will kill yourself, you will harm your body. ANSWER: The worst thing that can happen is I will die and that is the goal for which I am striving, I will be with my Lord, so that is not bad!
  3. Feeling sick, take medication, but you can't on a fast. ANSWER: drink herb tea. I even had an absessed tooth but since I am in Lithuania the dentist did not perscribe antibiotics but rather rinse my mouth with camomile tea. No antibiotics and absess was gone in a few days!
  4. Grouchy, grumpy, angry, "Eat something, you will feel better and be in a better mood." ANSWER: "Is food where we are to derrive our joy? Oh, Lord deliver me from myself and all those broken records of the past. Thank you for showing me what a sinner I really am. Thank you for revealing to me MY sinful flesh and what it is capable of thinking and doing and saying even in the midst of such a spiritual high! You are my only righteousness!!!"
  5. Fear of not being able to do my work, failure, pain, suffering . . . ANSWER: There is no failure with Him, we can trust Him for each day as He has promised the strength for each day. Forget 40 days, just take them one at a time. He does not send pain, I lost my physical desire for food and was not even hungry. I worked everyday, did not nap or rest during the day, cooked, entertained, and worked alongside my husband as usual. . .just a little slower and mellower. It did get easier (temptation was still there when I smelled food or watched someone else eat food) when I no longer had to cook because my husband joined me in the fast.

I say all of this to encourage you to do it. You will never regret it. If the Lord taries I would like to begin each new year this way. May God bless you with daily revival as you fast and pray before Him who love you and gave himself for you. Until He comes. . . Juanita Wyatt

Jim and Juanita Wyatt --

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