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The 40-days list is now closed. It was always intended as a temporary list. It's duration was Febuary 1996 through June 1996. However, a perminate prayer/fasting list now exists. It is called fastnprayer, and is moderated by Greg Randolph.

To subscribe, send email to:

in the main body type: subscribe fastnprayer

this is the Charter from the (now defunct) 40-days list

This is a conference for people who God is putting it on your heart to fast and pray for revival -- for your own nation or contenent or for another nation. The Lord has been speaking to many lately along those lines and many fasts have already been called... Dr Bill Bright (Campus Crusade for Christ) called a 40 day fast Jan 2 to Feb 10. Wesley Campbell of Canada called for a companion fast to begin the day after Dr Bright's fast ends and go for another 40 days. Harvest Rock Church (of Pasadena) has called for a fast to begin Monday Feb 17 and go through Good Friday. There is currently a 40 day fast for revival going on in England, Ireland, Scottland for revival in Europe... It began sometime in January. As you can see, God is calling His Church to fast and pray for revival.

This conference is for anyone who would like to join in fasting and praying for God to send revival. It is intended to be a place for us to build community, to encourage each other during the fast, to ask questions (example: "I find I'm always cold and can't get this normal?"), share what God speaks to us as we fast and pray, etc. It will also be a place to debrief after the fast and share what God has done.

To join this conference, you are committing to pray for revival for 40 days and to fast during a portion of that time. Let God define the level/lenght of the fast. These are not steadfast rules, but I know of the following types of fasts:

  1. Daniel fast... eat only fruit and vegetables during the fast period.
  2. Fast one regularly eatten meal per day for your fast period, eating the other regular meals for that day. For instance, if you fast lunch, you would not eat between breakfast and dinner, but would eat both breakfast and dinner.
  3. Fast one day per week for 6 or 7 weeks -- pray the entire 6 or 7 weeks.
  4. Obstain from solid food during your fast period, but drink liquids... this can be anything from diluted fruit juice to milk to broth (liquid soup, no solids) to even liquid protein supplements...
  5. Juice only fast ... only diluted juice and water.
  6. Water only fast.

It is between you and God to define what the fast looks like. Remember, you are fasting to seek/please Him, not man.

Again, the length of the fast is between you and God, but I recommend a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 40 days. The Lord has been speaking to me personally to begin on Feb 17 and to go at least 3 weeks. I expect Him to give me more clarity as I seek Him for it during the fast.

The 40-days conference will NOT be moderated, but anyone who "misbehaves" will be removed from the conference. This is a place to build up and encourage, not to criticize, not to tear down, not to attack. This is a place to walk along-side of each other and to build community and to pray together for God to send revival.

The 40-days conference is not intended to be a perminate conference, but should continue at least until the end of April, 1997.

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