Prophetic-School Training 101: Letter To Your Pastor

Letter To Your Pastor

Dear Pastor

There is an internet email conference dedicated to helping believers learn to discern God's voice more clearly. It is also dedicated to developing and activating the prophetic gifting in people. This list is called the prophetic-school list. The thing that makes this email list unique is that there is a core of leaders (who are mostly pastors and) who have known and proven prophetic ministries... members of the leadership core come from a variety of denominations. (There is a short bio attached on each member of the leadership core, and the charter of the prophetic- school list is also attached.)

In January, the leadership of the prophetic-school list will provide an internet version of prophetic training. This training is very similar to the training provided at many Prophetic Schools (such as Christian International's 13 week course). It is a teaching and activation series, designed to move people from the infrequent word of knowledge or word of encouragement to being able to minister prophetically with confidence and accuracy. The course contains sound bible-based teaching on the prophetic and practical instructions to teach students how to discern God's voice clearly and how to develop their prophetic gifting. It also contains a series of carefully orchestrated activation exercises, which are best if done in a small group setting.

All participants are encouraged to go to their pastors BEFORE the series starts and share that they desire to take this course and get their pastor's blessing; maybe even their pastor's involvement in the activation group if the pastor is not too busy.

The material is adapted from a 13 week series, but will be condensed to 10 weeks. A module had been added near the front of the series to discuss the role of submission (to the local pastor) in flowing in the prophetic. This module will emphasize that the "prophetic minister" must be released by his/her pastor to minister prophetically in their Church and emphasize that completion of this email course does NOT release anyone to minister in their local congregations. (The leadership core wants to take extra precautions to assure they don't create problems for the various local pastors. The desire is to activate prophetic giftings under the supervision of the pastors, not to bypass them.)

Participants will be strongly encouraged to form local small groups of a minimum of 5 to 6 people to read the teachings and do the activation exercises together. We will offer alternatives (irc and AOL and ICQ chat groups and email partnerings), but we emphasize that the participants will derive much more benefit from doing the exercises in a face-to-face setting.

The entire leadership core will be fielding questions/situations that arise via the email conference during this course and for a few weeks following it. However, the primary leadership will come from a subset of the leadership core: Jane Fitz-Gibbon, Jim Mellard, Jim Paul, Teresa Seputis, John Webster and Jim Wies.

The course will start in early January. We would greatly value your participation or supervision of your Church members who desire to take this course.

Many blessings.

- the Prophetic-School Leadership Core


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