Introducing Prophetic-School Training 101

This is a self-contained course for beginning-level prophetic trainaing. It consists of 10 teachings (lessons) and group exercises (activations) that have been carefully selected to allow students to practice basic propehtic skills and "learn by doing."

It can be run in individual churches, providing the pastor agrees to have it run in his/her church. The training material is copyrighted, so you cannot use it without first obtaining permission GodSpeak International by writing <> . We give permission to use the course providing

  1. It is being run with the pastor's permission/blessings
  2. It is being offered free of charge. (We do not want people making a financial profit on our free material.)
  3. The traning material is not altered in any manner, and is always reproduced with the copyright and acknowledgement blocks.


To become properly prepared to be able to hear the voice of the Lord, for ourselves and for others. Also to know what the Lord expects in terms of character from those He would regularly use to speak on His behalf to others.

This course will start at a most basic level and progressively move to more involved levels of the prophetic. At the very least, the teaching material and practice sessions (called activations) will improve a person's devotional life by helping us know how to be quiet and listen to the Holy Spirit more effectively. In more gifted individuals, the activations have the potential to reveal a true prophetic gift and ability to "flow" in the prophetic.

This course will not make prophets of those whom the Lord has not called as prophets and hence, should not be seen as the means of one's release in the local church to prophesy at will.


This training is very similar to the training provided at many Prophetic Schools (such as Christian International's 13 week course), but adapted to be a self-contained course that may be taught in yoru local congregation. It is a teaching and activation series, designed to move people to be able to hear God's voice with clarity and (if so gifted) to minister prophetically with confidence and accuracy. The course contains sound bible-based teaching on the prophetic and practical instructions to teach students how to discern God's voice clearly and how to develop their prophetic gifting. It also contains a series of carefully orchestrated activation exercises, which are best if done in a small group setting, but which are also adapted for email and online Chatroom forums.